Why Beginners in Spanish are Easily Impressed by ANYTHING in Spanish

So why? ¿Porque? How come beginners in Spanish are easily impressed? What do I mean? You might not even noticed this yourself but certainly this is what I have experienced learning Spanish and studying Spanish; I am easily impressed with ANYTHING in Spanish; Anything at all! In fact; I still am.

I have told you before that the songs I love are rock and roll; Led Zeppelin, Pantera, and Deep purple types. But when it comes to Spanish; I suddenly find myself listening to stuff like: Te amo Como la cancion(I love you like a love song), Lazos de amor and other telenovela themes, and Spanish HIP HOP like daddy yankee!  Oh my God!

 lazos de amor

And not only do I listen to them; I love them! And I think and feel in my heart and soul that these songs are cool!

I tell you this : I cannot even stand listening to pop; You might need to pay me a million dollars (I might take a hundred) to make me watch an episode of any disturbingly shallow noontime drama and here I am watching Maria La del Barrio and I might even cry if Thalia gets hurt!

These days you might find me sitting around the corner listening to Enrique Inglesias songs while singing along “Por amarte es una cosa especial; es no viene y va ohhh!!!”. If you would have known me for a long time you’d think I am being possessed; but the truth is: I am! I am being possessed by the ghost of Spanish!

Now why does this happen? To be honest this happens to everyone and I can even bet that this is happening to most of you right now that are only starting out learning Spanish.

So does that mean Spanish is really JUST THAT GOOD? Yup Spanish stuff are really above average I have to admit; stuff that are translated or dubbed in Spanish (especially the Castillan versions) really do sound natural and original- like you are watching the real undubbed movie.

But the point is this: this will happen whatever language you are trying to learn or study; be it French, Hebrew, Chinese, Nipongo, African, whatever! !Lo que sea!

I am going to give you an example: I know that some people here have English as a second tongue. And for those people I direct this question; Do you remember when you were a child and you thought that all things in English are WAY cooler than the ones in your mother tongue?

The statement above would be true for most of you if that is the case; remember that some parts of the world who can speak English have the tendency to look high upon the language and being the language of globalization it is easy to ask the question above with using English as an example. But we can also ask of the same with regards to other people who learned or were exposed to a foreign language as a child- for example a brit kid exposed to german; or an American kid exposed to Korean.

Now if your answer was yes (and I know it is); that would lead us not to wonder why are we being so impressed rather easily by anything in Spanish while we are still learning and studying Spanish.

You are like a child in a new language

Remember people that as learners of a language you are like a child to that language. Even if you are an adult; the process will still be the same. You will always undergo this stage wherein you are easily impressed by any songs, show, or even with any phrase in your target language. You will think everything is so GUAY!

The Reason Why You are Like That
Now is this a bad news? No! In fact this is a normal adaptive mechanism of your brain to help you cope with doing something of huge gravity like to study Spanish (or any other language); it must adapt so that you will be easily interested and therefore you will have fun with what you are doing and retention will be easier. Therefore: this is GOOD NEWS.

Take Advantage of This fact While it Lasts

So this path is inescapable; you might need to sacrifice that people might be estranged by your preference like why is this rocker listening to girl music? But chances are they will also be impressed really! Because they would also be like children to Spanish; they are just like you impressed just because of the fact that it sounds foreign!

You on the other hand are learning slowly and in time you will also start to develop your own identity and preferences in Spanish.
Slowly you will get tired of listening to girly Spanish songs (if you are really not the girly type); you will soon realize that Lazos de amor is not more special than Friends; Time will come when you have to cross over from this childhood stage IN Spanish to Adolescent stage wherein you will be tired and bored of all these mundane, silly and amateur stuff; you will once again begin to discriminate genres automatically like what you did to the English songs when you were a teenager; you will begin building an identity and create a wall around yourself from all other things; and so on-if you ask me- that would be the sad part wouldn’t it?

So while you are still enjoying these silly songs or movies in your target language- just go on- enjoy them. Savor this moment of pure learning and interest because this is a vital part of your growth in Spanish and most of all:

It will not last forever…
Good day, ¡Que tenga buen dia!

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