What to Do If You Don’t FEEL Like Immersing In Your Spanish Bubble

What will you do at times when you don’t feel like listening to your Spanish music, podcasts, or watching your Spanish Pelis? What will you do to inspire your interest and light the burning desire to “be Spanish” at times when you just don’t feel like it or just too lazy to do it?

I understand that there will be times when you will get tired or times when you are just not in the mood for Spanish. The reason can be anything – your tired of the very same mobile phone to watch the movies from, you think your remote control is not responding well today so you just simply take a pass, or you are JUST plain LAZY and not in the mood today.

The reasons for “not feeling” like immersing into your self-made Spanish bubble can range from many seemingly rational reasons to the obviously silly ones but the truth is that there is only one reason: YOU JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING IT. That’s it, that’s all.

Let’s be honest here; sometimes you just don’t feel like it – I know because I experience it myself, I am just like everybody else. At times when I am doing nothing like riding in a vehicle waiting to get to my destination with nothing else to do but sit for an hour or two which is a perfect time to tune in into my Spanish mp3s – I just don’t feel like it; I just don’t feel like being bothered to open my mp3 player and plug the earphones; I simply don’t feel like disturbing my monoglot existence for the time being.

I know you also experience that which is why I wrote this post. There will be times when you just want to make the moment pass without Spanish at all, you know – just like the good ol’ simple days.

getting lazy to learn Spanish

This might feel harmless at first sight:

At first this will not seem like a big deal at all. It’s only for now right?  Just NOW! Just now but before you know it; you will become accustomed to entertaining that “feeling” of “not feeling like…” and rationalizing that “it’s okay because…” that sooner or later your frequency of being exposed to Spanish plummets from every 2 hrs, to every 5,8,10, then you will notice that days will pass without hearing a word of Spanish at all.

You will become accustomed to entertaining that “feeling” of “not feeling like…” and rationalizing that “it’s okay because…”

Soon enough you’ll find yourself for months without Spanish and worse, forgetting about it altogether; Game over, dude.

So what’s the easy fix?

True enough, fixing this problem is easy; the problem only roots from thinking that “it’s okay”, so the first thing you need to do is know that “ITS NOT”! Feelings are just like feelings they are powerful and can influence our decisions but they tend sway. And another thing:

Feelings are powerless over will and action

Knowing that fact above here’s what you need to do: Whenever you don’t feel like getting you Spanish input, despite it being the perfect time to do so – JUST DO IT REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU FEEL!

I learned that feelings are very gullible; I mean just a minute ago I don’t feel like listening to any Spanish at all, but then I plugged-in the Regaetton playlist anyway, and WALLA! I am now enjoying the music and rapping along with the music – a complete 360 degree shift of emotions; oh how gullible feelings are!

So there you have it guys; the next time you “don’t feel like it” and want to take a pass “for now”, I hope you remember this words of mine that “NO it’s not okay” and just plug in into your Spanish bubble anyway like what we discussed above. Believe me, that very simple technique works and you might even be surprised of how well it does.

Have you ever experienced this lack of motivation and initiative that we discussed above? If so how did you deal with it? Que Dios les bendiga.

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