Translate from Spanish to English Tips on Learning Spanish

Some Tips on How to Learn Spanish
1) Learn how to listen first before speaking– A man of few words so to speak. He listens more than he speaks – escucha mas que habla. Why? ¿Porque? Because 90 percent of the time will be spent on listening –Porque nobenta por ciento que tu tiempo se destinarán a escuchar. Not to mention 90 percent of learning occur while listening – Sin mencionar que el nobenta por ciento aprendizaje ocurren mientras de escucha. (mientras de means while; every time you want to say “while” just say: “mientras de” then add the next words por ejemplo: while we were on the beach –“mientras de estabamos en la playa”). So listen listen, and listen; get some Spanish movies, get some Spanish mp3s and better yet go to the Spanish neighborhood if there is one on your place or find yourself a native with whom you will always speak with from now on. Again let her talk and talk.

Listen to Spanish Rock n’ Roll- My favorite!!

soziedad alkoholika
2) Go on a date with a Latina (for the boys only)– related to number one. Then while you are on a date just listen, listen and listen to her. If you don’t know what to answer just say “asi, asi” while nodding your head. Even if you don’t understand 90 percent of what she said; don’t fret, you’ll get better for sure –Vas a ser mejor seguramente. Seriously she will also appreciate the fact that you are trying to learn her language- you can also use that as a point of conversation; offer to teach her something you are good at but ONLY if she teaches you Spanish. You might even be having “private tutorials” with her before you know it; you will thank me for that.

3) Download a Bi-lingual dictionary for your phone –Vas a descargar un diccionario bilingual para tu movil. Creo que yo no necesite explicar tanto; esto es muy evidente.-I believe I don’t need to explain much; this is so obvious. So now that you have your  portable dictionary, you can just come up with some thoughts and then given your basic knowledge of how Spanish sentences are composed you can translate your thoughts to Spanish. For example you see a kid running; but you don’t know what is running, you look it up: correr – third person so it must be corre. Then you look up kid: niño-  Therefore/entoces: el niño corre. Or let’s say you  like running; entoces – me encanta corer. See how a simple dictionary can translate your whole world in Spanish? Just remember to have a native verify the translations since most sentences directly taken from those could make you sound like a textbook which we don’t want to happen.

4) Translate from Spanish to English using your “heart”- sounds cheesy I know, however –sin embargo; like what we discussed on the past Translate from Spanish to English article; do not translate word per word but make it a goal to see the actual meaning or “essence” of the Spanish statement when listening to Spanish terms and trying to translate them from Spanish to English. In other words use your “heart”, and therefore you take each and every word by heart as well; learn Spanish by heart –Aprender Español con tu Corazon. You will learn a lot faster.

5) Finally: learn while having fun, I know we mention it before but I can’t say it enough; the only way to learn a language is to learn it while having fun or else you will never learn it at all. Read this post again if need be.

Entoces, por fin. . ¡Que Dios te bendiga!

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