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Ok like what I’ve told you before, you need not be obsessing over Spanish grammar, but today’s Translate from Spanish to English article will teach you how to conjugate in a way you’ll never know that you’re actually “studying”. How is that? Well we’re going to use sentence examples, sentences translated from Spanish to English; sentences which are of great significance to everyday life.

Today we are going to give you another way to introduce yourself besides “Yo soy . . . “; which is by using the word “llamar”. So that literally means call; in Spanish they use that word for call: telephone call, when someone calls you, or when they introduce themselves.

my name is

So  let’s go translate from English to Spanish “llamadas”- bueno, vamos a traducir del inglés al español “llamadas”:

Llamar as a stand alone in ar form means “to call”.

“Me llamo Martina” translated from Spanish to English that means “I call myself Martina” therefore “My name is Martina”

“¿Como se llama?” translated from Spanish to English would mean “and what is your name?” in formal setting. In formal setting they use the third person so literally como se llama would be translated as “what is their name?”.  That one way they show respect, by not calling upon a person directly until they are close to each other.

“¿Como te llamas?” translated from Spanish to English would also mean “what is your name?” but this is if you don’t want to sound formal. Literally translated as “How do you call yourself?”.

“¿Como se llaman?” Translated from Spanish to English means either you are asking the name of a group of people (plural of como se llama) in a formal way or you are indeed asking how does a group of people call themselves. Literal translation of this would be “What do they call themselves”. This same principle also applies to “¿como se llama?”.

“¿Como  os llamais?” Translated from Spanish to English would nbe the informal sounding way of how to ask “How do you call yourselves?”.

“¿como nos llamamos?” Translated from Spanish to English means “How do we call ourselves”.
Just with any translate from Spanish to English article don’t overanalyze the grammar; just put these sentences in your head and try to use it today. Find a native and open up with: “¡Buenas dias! Me llamo (your name). ¿Como se llama?”.

Bueno, ¡Hasta Luego! And remember always the proper way to use this website: Translate from Spanish to English; is to have fun while using it.

¡Que Dios te bendiga!

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