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In today’s Translate from Spanish to English episode; we discuss one of the most basic and important part of learning and “living” Spanish; which is of course their use of courtesies.

In the podcast above we have Ron; one of my Spanish-speaking coworkers. He talks to our Hispanic clients. But well; enough about Ron now let us discuss when do we use these “courtesies” then we’d be ready to translate from Spanish to English in no time.

So basically these are the phrases we tend to use right after we meet a person like “how are you?” and stuff like that.


OWW OwW! -Hi friend, how you doing

Ohwohowow! -fine how bout you?

That’s pretty harder to translate to English wasn’t it? Oh well! We’ll just discuss Spanish today! Happy now?

Corteses in Spanish; courtesies in English. Despues de saludar a alguien de manera -after greeting in any manner; se acostumbra preguntar como le ha ido -they are accustomed to ask how are hey doing. como asi: Like this:

“How are you?”- ¿como estás?

“How are you doing?” -¿como estás?  ¿como esta usted?(formal)

“How’s it going?” “How are things with you? -¿Qué tal?

Here’s the sample conversation that me and Ron had in the podcast:

Magallanes: ¡Hola! ¿como estás?

Ron: Bien, gracias. ¿Y tú?

Magallanes:  Bien, Gracias. ¿Qué haces aqui?

Ron: Espero a John. ¿Y tú?

Magallanes: Regreso a casa.

Asi es una ejemplo muy simple -that is a very simple example, but very handy indeed. Here is the conversation we had above translated from Spanish to English:

Magallanes: Hi! How are you?

Ron: Fine, thanks. And you?

Magallanes: Not bad, thank. What are you doing here?

Ron: Waiting for John. And you?

Magallanes: I ‘m just on my way home.

See it’s very easy. I Hope you guys learned a lot fro today’s episode. So until next time. ¡Hasta luego!

¡Que Dios te bendiga!

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