Translate from Spanish Naturally- Like a Native

Can you translate from Spanish NATURALLY- I mean like a native? Here’s the thing: Have you ever noticed how much you’re accustomed to your native language? Whatever that is it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t it amaze you?

Why should it? Why would you even notice it?

For one; since you are now learning a foreign language- you should be able to appreciate the difference and the dynamics of language comprehension.

Now that I am learning Spanish I find it amazing how the brain comprehends languages especially how it comprehends my mother language or my second language even.

I look at Spanish natives from the telenovelas and I imagine myself comprehending the Spanish language automatically with the same familiarity that I have with my native tongue; I try to imagine how that would feel.

rock on with the spanish natives

yeah! Rock on with the NATIVES!! LIKE THE NATIVES!!

Now that I mentioned it – I began listening to our local songs and local radio- I see ordinary people – our natives having fun with it- feeling every word- did they go into grammar school for our local language when they were young?

You don’t learn to become natural at school

Language was a part of elementary education but NO! because even kids who have hardly went to school –or even those who have never been to school yet already have a terrific grasp of our local native language; so NO.

They (We) learned our language by LIVING it! ; having fun with it- using it, doing everything with it.

To think of it our local language isn’t very easy- once you study it you’d find the conjugations of the Spanish language to be quite laughable in comparison- but still we carry on with ease.

AND WE NEVER NEEDED SCHOOL to reach that level. Even those living in non civilized areas learn their own language. Does that not tell you a clue about how you must go about learning Spanish? Just try to insert Spanish into your life as much as possible.

Also imagine your native language whatever it may be; try appreciating the beauty of your understanding- your apprehension- your level or nature of comprehension of your own language. Then try to aim feeling that way with Spanish.

Set yourself to reaching that- set your Spanish trajectory into that direction of trying to learn and study and naturally translate from Spanish the way you did with your native language.

You can only go as far as where the mind is set to go- set it far like making Spanish as natural to you as your native tongue and your success as a Spanish learner or better yet as a Hispanohablante will be within reach. Que Dios te bendiga.

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I go by the name of Magallanes in this blog. My mission here is to influence you folks in the most effective way to learn the Spanish language. Welcome to my fleet!