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We have discussed in our past articles that one of the best ways to learn Spanish(and ultimately be able to unconciously translate from Spanish to English) and at the same time have fun is to listen to your favorite songs in Spanish.

Download Te amo Como Una Cancion here

It will work really well if it was a song that you love and a song that is deeply engraved into your heart; that way your mind will immediately grasp some key terms and will slowly but surely teach it how to translate from Spanish to English and eventually from Spanish to “emotions” and thoughts.

But with the song that we will discuss today we have a little exemption; because I never really liked chic songs and I am not much in to pop as well and “I love you like a love song” really fits into those two categories of basically the SONGS THAT I LOVE TO HATE. But with this song it is true; I never really liked “I love you like a love song” ; I even thought when I hear the lyrics at the street is that chorus goes like “I I love you like I love some baby. .”. But one funny thing is that when I was just on my first week of learning Spanish I stumbled upon this song somewhere on the internet and I happened to download it then surprisingly I liked it; no more like “I loved it”, yes I love it like a love song. It sucked (for me) in English but it was so good in Spanish. In fact I learned what was the lyrics of the original song because of the Spanish; I found out that the chorus goes like: “ I I love you like a love song baby. .”. Ah so that is what it is; now it makes sense.
That is why you shouldn’t worry that your favorite song will suck in Spanish; in fact it may be the other way around as what I learned from this song.

Download Te amo Como Una Cancion here

So this Spanish adaptation is sung by a duo “Kevin y Karla La Banda” –Kevin and Karla the band.

I love you like a love song kevin y karla

I don’t know much about these guys but based on their looks I would bet a hundred bucks that they are indeed praternal twins or even identical twins but came out to be a boy and a girl.

For one what makes this song tick is that they have a VERY, VERY good blending; they improved the accompaniment a little bit and Karla has a very wonderful voice –seriously. If you’ll hear this song I bet even if you are a Selena Gomez fan; you would say that the Keven Karla version of I love you like a love song is better than the original –you can judge this even if you don’t know a word of Spanish or even if you just started out reading Translate from Spanish to English.

I will translate from Spanish to English below and try to explain the lyrics the best that I can. NOTE that I am writing this one from memory so please tell me if I made any mistakes in the comments section bellow.
Verse 1:
Este Escrito que –It has been written that
Cada pensamiento es inspiracion –Every thought is an inspiration
Se han transformado en una cancion –that were transformed into a song; note that “han(plural 3rd person of haber) plus a word with ADO”
Melodias que se escuchare –Melodies that I will listen to. (notice that infinitive +e on the end like escuchar + e would usually refer to the future tense of the first person’s action.
Una y otro vez –once in a while (literally translated from Spanish to English to: one(una/o) and(y) another(Otro) time(vez))
Tu belleza es –Your beauty is. . (Bella is beautiful, therefore belleza is its noun version)
Como sueño que vive por amor –like a dream that was brought to life by love (literal translation from Spanish to English would be: Like a dream that lived by love)
Es un milagro, lirico, magico –it’s a miracle, lyrical, magical (literal translation from Spanish to English would be: it’s a miracle, lyric, magic)
Has salvado mi alma y mi ser –you have rescued my soul and my being
Quiero que hoy sepas bien, baby –I like you to understand well today, baby (quiero(I like) que(that) hoy(today) sepas(2nd person subjunctive of understand) bien(well))
Que, que como la cancion tea mo –that, that like a song; I love you
Que que como la cancion tea mo
No paro de repitir –I can’t stop saying it over and over (literal translation from Spanish to English would be: I don’t stop to repeat)
Verse 2:
Te atrape –I caught you
se que juegas como mi mientes –that you’re playing like how I’m lying
Y no se como explicar, discribir lo bien –and(Y) I don’t know(no se) how(como) to explain(explicar) or describe(describer) it(lo) well(bien)
Lo que haces en mi –that what you are doing to me/what you do to me
Lo que hago en ti –that what I’m doing to you/what I’m doing to you
Siento como si me rescataras, liberada –I feel like if you rescue me, liberated
Me Imnotisas con tu amor –you hypnotiza me with your love
Y hoy eres unico lirico, majico, eres –and(y) today(hoy) you are(eres) the only(unico) lyric(lirico), magic(majico), you are(eres)
Quiero que hoy sepas bien, baby
Y compara nuestra amor –and to copare our love
No hay forma de olvidar lo –its unforgettable (literal translation from Spanish to English would be: no hay(there is no) forma(form/type) de olvidar lo(of forgetting it) –more like wanting to say: there is no way to forget it)
La musica en mi Corazon siento hoy –the music in my heart I feel today
Ha vuelta una cancion de amor –became a song of love(lovesong)
(Chorus to fade –koro hasta fin)
There you have it a very “translate from Spanish to English”- level in-depth analysis of a very very cool Spanish song. I hope you l will enjoy the song and remember to download to as well from the this link
¡Que Dios te Bendiga!

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