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Aint nothing like a terrific movie time! Today we will share another great Spanish TV; Now we present to you SPANISH HANCOCK!

There is some guy in the internet that placed a complete downloadable link of the complete movie- you can download it here. Click this link.

But the only problem is it lacks the cut-scene where Hancock invited some chic into his trailer home. I really love that scene.

But anyways if you are like me who has watched this several times already; this movie will be of great help with your Spanish learning. You are probably already familiar with most phrases and you more or less know what the characters are talking about.

My recommendation: Watch this film several times.

Its even in mp4 format so the resolutions is not that bad at all- heck I can even go with 3gps! And the translation and the voices were great! I just find it weird that Will Smith has a voice like that- he doesn’t sound black at all, but well I guess that’s kinda like the point- and I think that voice is kind of the many voice for the Spanish men, just thinking.

Some favorite lines you can add to your ANKI :

The film of course starts with the kid waking up Hanckock:

hancock and the kid

Kid: nos malos,,.(points at the News) The villains
Hancock looks at the TV
Kid: (while leaving) capullo. . . .(Spanish colloquial term for “asshole”
Hancock: ¿Que?
Kid: Ya has oido –you heard me
Some balls huh. By the way; do you know how to get some balls and power? WORK SMART!

Now how about Hancock’s favorite threat which he ended up doing to the two stupid inmates:

“Tu cabeza va a ser en su culo” – “Your head is going to be in his ass.”

Haha! Who can forget that one! And of course there is this scene between Hancock and Mary:
Hancock: Tu y Yo. . (You and I. . )

Mary: ¿Tu y Yo que? (You and I what?)

Hancock: somos iguales. (You and me, were the same)

Mary: No. Soy mas fuerte. (No. I’m Stronger)

Hacock: ¿En serio? (You serious?/Really?)

Mary: Sin duda *Snidely* (without a doubt- the original English response was actually: “Oh yeah”)

That is the scene before the fight between Hancock and Mary.

But what are you waiting for? Go watch the movie- download it right now. Please leave your comments, suggestions and reactions below. Thanks, gracias. Que Dios te bendiga.

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