Translate from Spanish By Feeling the Words

Okay so we have discussed earlier the purpose of not falling onto the trap of translating Spanish word per word.-palabra por palabra. This is applicable to any language; what you need to do instead is to listen to what the statement is trying to tell then your mind will immediately draw conclusions of how the involved words and how they are grammatically arranged and how they are related to each other to form the “statement” which you heard.

Repeated bouts of exposures like that plus the fact that you are absorbed as well since you are watching your childhood favorite movie for example –por ejemplo; you are having fun as well which is the most important thing –Therefore in no time you will be armed with an array of Spanish vocabulary and lightning fast comprehensive capacity, plus a solid grasp of grammar at a level which is almost like that of a native.

Why is that so? Because you are studying Spanish like how a native Spaniard does; to put it more accurately you are studying Spanish ALMOST like how you studied your mother tongue. And as a result –Y como consecuencia: you are able to translate from Spanish to English WITHOUT translating from Spanish to English at all!

Consider this: When watching movies or listening to anything at all in your native language; have you ever stoped and annalyze each word and find the most suitable translation for wach word? Or when you are trying to speak your native toungue have you ever translated each word that you are about to speak from a certain language to your native language? Annalyze what you feel or think when you hear stuff in your native language? Isn’t it that the words translate into “statements” or even pictures and emotions. Another thing is taht when you hear “The dog is running” in your native language; you really imagine a DOG RUNNING in your head. You don’t translate word per word; that is what you must try to attain with your Spanish (or any language you are studying). Don’t “think”, “Feel”.

meditataive spanish

Meditate. . .Feel the words. . Feel their essence and not the structure

Remember “fighting without fighting”? Oh yeah! The most effective form of fighting of them all! In our case –en nuesrta caso; it’s the most effective translation strategy of all!

So the point of all of this can be summed in one statement: just be comfortable with the language. If something you are doing feels like a chore; STOP! Step back, and begin having fun again. We need to have fun –Debemos tener divertida.

¡Pasa ate lo muy bien! -Have a great time!
Que dios te bediga.

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