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Watching Spanish programs like telenovelas and Spanish-dubbed movies is the most effective way to naturally learn Spanish. Today we will give you a free pass on one of the most effective Spanish series to watch- EXTR@ en Español (later we will provide the DOWNLOAD LINKS so you can watch Extr@ repeatedly at your own time (I suggest “everytime”)).



Extr@ Español

Extr@ is a very nice series to watch. It is a story about 3 natives (Lola, Ana, and Pablo) and an American visitor who is eagerly learning Spanish, Sam.

Extr@ is a very effective tool: for one; the viewer can relate to Sam who is trying to learn Spanish and another thing is the choice of words; the words used only require basic vocabulary and are not so deep- the cast speak very clearly, and the script is quite easy to follow even for a beginner.

Every now and then Pablo, Lola, and Ana try to teach Sam new stuff likes how to shop for clothes- and they way they do it is always interesting and comedic. One example:

Pablo: soy el vendedor, y tu eres tu –I am the salesman and you are you.
Sam: ok, bueno, quisera unos pantalones por favor (points at his shoes) – Ok, so, I would like (to buy) some pants please
Pablo: ¡No! Esta son pantalones (points at his pants). Esos son tus zapatos (points at Sam’s shoes)


I have fun watching Extr@; really it is never boring- even for those who are not trying to learn Spanish will surely appreciate it and would more or less understand half of what is going on. That is why it is really effective.

I have told you once that you have to watch and read stuff that are a little bit easy for you– Extr@ is one of those; and it is fun and anything that is fun will captivate the mind making you learn Spanish faster and more naturally.

So with that in mind, you can download these episodes of Extr@ by following these links. (We may have missed episode 4 there). Please keep in mind the 5 episode rule and always keep your ANKI SRS handy for new sentences.

UPDATE: Episode 4: Sam Busca un Trabajo

01  La llegada de Sam

02 | Sam va de compras

03 | Sam aprende a ligar

05 | Ha nacido una estrella

06 | El día de la Primitiva

So there you go! Another set of FREE Spanish resources to feast on! You will be SPANISH in NO TIME at all! ¡Que Dios te bendiga, hispanohablante!

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