The Secret Technique to Remebering you ANKI SRS Entries FASTER

¡Hola! Greetings from TFSTE’s imaginary Hispanic world! What we are going to talk about right now is a secret; yes! A secret technique –Una tecnica secreta. A technique to how you can remember the sentences you put into you ANKI SRS deck better.

Yes! This technique is very simple yet it guarantees 70-90% increase in retention!

increase memory retention

So what is it? First and foremost I want to tell you how I came up with it; You see I often surf the net at work- and of course as a beginner in Spanish learning I wanted to spend every possible moment of my life doing things that will improve my Spanish.

So how does one remeber his ANKI decks better? We will talk about that in a bit.


At work when I had free time I read some Spanish stuff online and that way I took in several phrases that catches my interest and put them into my brand new (back then) SRS-ANKI. And as you may have known –my ANKI is conveniently installed into my phone; and as you know bringing (or in my case: SHOWING since I always had it in my pocket) a mobile phone in a workplace (or most workplaces) would be more or less prohibited. So –Entoces –I actually needed to jot the phrases down in a piece of paper and then later on I would add them into my SRS.


Perhaps I already told you how D A M N hard it is to type stuff into my seemingly extra-insensitive touch screen phone. Take into consideration as well that I had to jot these phrases down, then copy and retype them into my ANKI which is on my “very insensitive phone “(I am used to it now though).

So if you can see that method above sounds “cruel”. But halt! Have you considered how much retention and familiarity with the phrases the above scenario could cause?

I used to do those in batches; I would like peel off a piece of paper and fill them with Spanish to English phrases back to back. Therefore I would have a bunch of sentences rigorously type down at any given time. To be honest with you I could remember the words to a certain degree already as I write them down- then much more as I type them down with much EFFORT!

So that is basically the technique- it is not rocket science! It is actually very simple and very applicable! Even if you can type down the phrases directly into SRS- DON’T! Jot them down first into a piece of paper then manually type them down into your ANKI Space repetition system.


And with paper I am talking about a “notebook” sized (regular notebook) piece of paper; NOT the big ones! Why? Because I have experienced having several pieces of paper in my pocket and then because they are so many I would end up telling myself “I will just do these later!” and then come “later” I will still pass up. Therefore the same phrases remained untouched for almost 3 weeks!

Again we see that overwhelming yourself is the BEST WAY to make yourself stagnate and eventually quit or FAIL in language learning. So as a rule:

You are to jot down phrases from Spanish to English that will be added to your ANKI or any Space repetition system one paper at a time  and until you add them into your ANKI SRS you SHALL NOT fill out another piece of paper.

But of course you can add as many entries into your ANKI this way if you can you can add up to 300 words a day! WHOAH! But only one paper at a time! Bueno, pues nada ¡Que Dios te bendiga!

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