The Secret on How to Translate from Spanish to English

Our topic for today is about the “ultimate secret” on how you can translate from Spanish to English; El tema de ho yes sobre el “secreto mejor” en como puede traducir de español a inglés.

So therefore Mr. Magallanes, please tell me what is the ultimate secret to translating from spanish to english and how can one do it with great ease – bueno señor Magallanes digame que es el secreto mejor sobre como traducir del español al inglés.

Does it involve absorbing several grammar and word lists? No. does it involve several hours at Spanish classes? Neither.

Do I need to memorize a thousand words in a word list? ¿Debo memorizar un mil palabras de una lista de palabras? ¡NO y NUNCA! No and never! -At least not from a word list. Word lists are useless! They cannot show you contexts and therefore your brain cannot relate the words to any real event therefore learning will be impossible; you will be better off using reading our articles with spanish translations of each sentences side by side, “Spanglish” if you may (not literally spanglish since spanglish means that both spanish and english are in a single sentence like “I nunca go to the tienda” –I never got o the store), we can call it “Spanglish EVOLUTION” or “Spanglish Version 2.0” but both terms would be longer so let’s just settle with “Spanglish” instead.

So how EXACTLY do you translate from Spanish to English? What exactly is the secret to be able to do so like how  a native does it? Do I need a high-tech, ultra-fast bilingual, electronic dictionary at hand always? ¿Debo tener a un electronico diccionario de alta tecnología a todos tiempos? No! The dictionary is not the secret. Yes you need to have some kind of a portable dictionary- preferably one installed on your phone but that is not the secret of translating from Spanish to English effortlessly.

So are you playing games with me huh? Magallanes? No I’m not but what I will tell you today about the secret of how to translate from Spanish to English effortlessly will surprise you; but I will not be making a fool out of you – “¡no jodo contigo! But promise you take this as a fact and take like a pro- como un profesional.

So the secret on how to translate from spanish to english with GREAT ease is:  (drum roll please)
Try not to translate the words at all. Yup, the secret to how to effortlessly translate from Spanish to English effortlessly is to train to not translate the words to English at all.

Okay we are not telling you not to study the meanings of the words; neither are we telling you not to continue adding words to your ANKI deck. What I am telling you is to continue watching and watching more movies in Spanish and try not to translate the words; train yourself to just hear NOT the words themselves but their “ESSENCE”.

Listen to the flow of dialogue and draw logical connections. – escuchar el flujo de diálogo y dibujar conexiones lógicas. Now you do that unconsciously or even automatically as long as you try to listen to “what the statement means” and not “what do these words mean”.

Always ask: what is this guy trying to tell me? That is the same reason why I tell you to watch movies you have watched before but this time in Spanish; (also listen to Spanish songs) that way this task will be easier for you.  And the more you train yourself to hear more of the meaning instead of the words, the more you train yourself to hear Spanish not only with your ears but with your Heart (and mind). Months of doing that together with familiarizing yourself with sentences in Spanish and reinventing your “Spanish heart”, then I’m sure you’d be translating from Spanish to English “sentences” and not merely words in no time.

bruce lee

-“My goal is to have no goal- My style is to have no style

“And that my friend is how you have to learn a language! – Bueno, mi Amigo ¡Asi que es como tienes que aprender una lenguaje! Any language – calquier lenguaje.

Buno, hasta luego ¡Que Dios te bendiga!

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