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Good day to everyone! ¡Buenas dias a todos! Nuestra tema de ho es sobre “cool”. Our topic for today is about “COOL”. Yup cool.
You would wonder how the Spanish would say “cool” right? Indeed that would be so hip; so 20s stuff but of course our arsenal would not be complete without knowing how the natives say “cool, bro. .” like a gunja hippie.

So lets get to the point; what is “cool” translated to Spanish? That would be “guay”. Yup , “guay”.
Guay refers to cool, or “super”. As you can see the word is so “hip” and very slang; in other words: very interesting indeed. It is perfect to qualify as one of my most favorite Spanish words.

Oh yeah; Mr COOL GUaY!!

Mr cool guay

Mi suegro es el mas guay de su familia.
Translate that from Spanish to English and that would give us:
My father in law is the coolest in his family.
Probably means everyone else sucked but my father in law; great irony indeed!

Juan: ¿Como esta el peli?
Jose: Es guay.
Translate that from Spanish to English and that would give us:
Juan: How’s the movie?
Jose: It’s cool.

Jose: Te daré mi Cadillac morado.
Juan: ¡Guay! Muchas gracias pore so.
Jose: I’m gonna give you my purple Cadillac
Juan: Cool! Thank you very much for that.

Ozzy: He visto Deep Purple en directo.
Slash: ¿En serio? ¡Eso grupo es muy guay!
Translate that from Spanish to English and that would give us:
Ozzy: I’ve seen deep purple live.
Slash: Really? That band ROCKS!!(or: is so cool)
Note: You can also say “banda” but “grupo” is used by natives more often.
Marida: Ti toca a ti lavar los platos.
Marido: Guay.
Would mean:
Wife: It’s your turn to wash the dishes.
Husband: Cool.

As you can see “guay” can also be a replacement; a “hip” replacement to “yes” or to reply within the lines of “I’m cool with that”. Guay can also be used sarcastically of course.

El empleador: Voy a disminuir su sueldo. ¿Claro?
El trabajador: Guay, , lo que me faltaba.
Let’s translate that:
Employer: I am going to decrease your salary. Okay?
Employee: Sure, ,just what I needed.

So those are just some of the many uses of the Spanish word for cool; guay. By the way I have been giving you several sentence examples since day one including the ones above; you should be adding some of those to your ANKI database.
¡Hasta luego! Que Dios te bendiga.

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