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¡Ola! My name is Magallanes and again; welcome to my fleet: Translate from Spanish to English. As you might have noticed; this site is not just about spanish-english and english-spanish translations as it’s name implies but more importantly the goal of this site is to people the most effective ways to go about learning Spanish or ANY language for that matter.

Most people get all worked up attending classes, reading textbooks about grammar, cramming all the new words forcing them into their heads; only to find themselves burning out after a few months then eventually quit. How sad.

This is true for almost all people and of course this system agrees with the popular belief that the best way to baptize yourself into learning Spanish is via studying grammar, textbooks and forcing all the new things. But what is actually worse than that is that we actually think that is “ok” since we’re only “working hard”; what can be wrong with that?

But hear this because what your friend, Magallanes is about to tell you today might strike you as “Strange” or false. What I am about to tell you now will go against what this dollar dollar society is telling you about how to learn Spanish so if you are ready for a little enlightenment, just stay where you are.

Grammar and Classrooms must come LAST. This might sound counterproductive but it is true. Going hardcore on grammar first is a hundred percent assurance that you will FAIL. You see the human brain is not designed to absorb language that way; what you need to have first is EXPOSURE. Yes the movies, the podcasts, the mp3s must come first and those are the things you need to be spending 90% of your time in learning Spanish with.

Think of it as training your ears first. You will learn that after months of exposure, you will find it easier to absorb all of the things written in your textbooks which all seemed very complicated when you were starting out.


Only a small percentage of your time must be spent with grammar when as a beginner. Of course that is not to mention that I never said that you DON’T need grammar anyways. Of course you must know the very basic sentence constructions first (and we are going to have a separate category for that). Just don’t be fixated. Grammar is supposed to be taken slowly; did you study grammar for your mother-language? Of course not! Exposure came first. And if there is something that you must obsessively spend time into when looking at grammar books is the sentence examples; just exposing yourself to the sentences will condition your brain to absorb the underlying grammatical rules without you knowing it. For example if I read:

Magallanes es un hombre guapito.

If I read that the above sentence means:

Magallanes is a handsome man.

Then my brain would immediately learn that that is how you describe another person or thing in Spanish. Therefore the next time I want to describe someone, I would just look up for the correct adjective in Spanish using a portable dictionary then go about describing that person.

Finally, just watch and watch more movies and series in Spanish. For best results look for a movie that you have watched several times already. (also download your favorite English tunes in their Spanish version)  You will realize that the most important thing in learning Spanish (or any language at all) is that you have fun in the process. Just remember this: learning Spanish must NEVER seem like a chore. Just have fun and do the things you do in English in Spanish.

Just have fun; people have a great time in my fleet.

¡Que Dios te bendiga!

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I go by the name of Magallanes in this blog. My mission here is to influence you folks in the most effective way to learn the Spanish language. Welcome to my fleet!