Spanish Jokes Dos Peces en el Mar

Today I will tell you a Spanish joke – one of my most favorite and one of the easiest to learn and memorize as well. This joke is an old one and I am quite sure most natives would already know about this, but let us get through it nonetheless.

This joke is about a conversation about two fish buddies. Practically one asks what the other’s father does. And it goes like this:

Dos peces in el mar. Un pez dice a otro pez: “¿Que hace tu padre?” Y el otro pez dice: “nada”.

Now that translated in English would be:

Two fishes in the sea. A fish told the other fish: “What does your father do?” And the other fish said “nada”

two fishes in the sea

Another interesting thing about this is that it cannot be translated as an English joke at all; why? Because the punch line of that story is that nada would actually mean either “Swims” or “nothing” in Spanish.

Now you can say LOL. Doesn’t have an English equivalent does it?

BTW I believe that you already know why we are talking about jokes in Spanish. Like what I said in the past post jokes are one great way to get some Spanish input without losing the “Fun” factor. It would be easier to review and remember entries in your ANKI SRS if they are actually “fun to remember” or would at least ignite some emotions. Therefore they would really “click” and “stick” into your brain.

Note: Pez is the Spanish “fish”, for words ending in “z” you just substitute “z” with “ces” to make the noun plural. Therefore “pez” becomes “peces”.

Now let us hear from you: Would you be so kind as to share a joke here in the comment’s section (below)? It doesn’t matter what language. It is best if the joke has a strong cultural context. Que Dios les bendiga.

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