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Today we are going to talk about the Spanish alphabet -Vamos a hablar sobre El Alfabeto Español hoy. It’s so easy and you will easily get the hang of it just make sure to download and listen to the podcast as well below.

First off, download the podcast of this post here:

spanish_alphabet(download link) if it doesn’t work;just right click on the link then select “Save link as” then, , you know where to go from there!

We made it like this: for example B(the letter) then a dash- followed by “be” which means that the letter B is to be pronounced like “be”.

A- a-de abeja (bee)

B- be- de bote(boat)

C- ce- de cerdo (pig) note: Ce, Ci, and Z are pronounced somewhat like the English “Th”

cerdo or pig

D- de- de dado(dice)

E- e- de elefante

F- efe- de foca (seal)

efe de foca or seal

G- ge(he)- de gato (cat)

H- hache- de hormiga (ant) note: H is not pronounced in Spanish, it is always silent. Therefore hormiga would be read as : Ormiga.

I- i- de iglesia (church)

J- jota (hota)- de jarro (mug) note: J is pronounced like a “h” but the sound comes from the throat. The Spaniards even sound like regurgitating when they speaking; that is because of the “j” .

K- ka- de koala

L- ele- de luna (moon)

M- eme- de mano (hand)

mano or hands

N- ene- de nariz (nose)

Ñ- eñe – de niño (boy)

O- o – de ojos (eyes)

P- pe- de Puerta(door)

Q- cu- de queso(cheese)

R- erre- de rosa(rose)

S- ese- de sol(sun)

T- te- de tabla(table)

U- u- de uvas(grapes)

V- ve- de vaso(glass/cup) remember that the Spanish mainland people will pronounce v like the English “B”. But in Columbia or in some parts of Latin america they would pronounce V like the English “V”. But originally the V is supposed to be pronounced indeed like the English “B”

vaso or glass

X- equis- de xilofono(xylophone)

Y- ye- de yogurt Note: most Spaniards would pronounce “y” like the English “J” if it is placed at the beginning of any word. Therefore yogurt would be pronounced like “jogurt” by most Spaniards.

Z- zetta -de zorro (fox)

zorro or fox

It is worth taking a note that the LL or was originally a part of the Spanish alphabet. The LL is pronounced like the “ll” in million. But some hispanic tribes like columbia would pronounce it like the english “j” for example their “¿como te llamas?” would be read like “¿como te jamas?”. On the other hand most modern Spaniards would just forego the L sound and just say it like an English “Y” therefore you would most likely hear people saying “Magallanes” like “Magayanes” instead of “Magalyanes”.

There we had another episode of Translate from Spanish to English featuring  the basic Spanish alphabet. I hope you had fun while learning; keep coming back for more podcasts and lessons from yours truly, ¡Hasta luego! Que Dios te bendiga.


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