No Brain Farts (Fillers) – Just Shut up and Pause for a Few Seconds

Bueno ahhhhhh, . . . .. . si pero ahmmmm. . . el gente esta alaaaaa. . . . . Goodness gracious have you ever experienced that? Why off course!

These words are called “Brain farts” AKA “Fillers

Note: Spanish fillers are called “Muletillas

It’s natural human instinct to use fillers or brain farts when he’s not sure what to say and in language learning, this scenario usually leads to the student not wanting anymore to communicate in Spanish, they associate the feeling of stupidity and unnecessary humiliation to communication. And you cannot just listen and listen to Spanish forever, you must make some “output” every once in a while as well.

So what is the solution? Shut the f# ck up!

You heard it right; shut the hell up. That doesn’t mean that you will never say a word off course. That simply means that you must delay saying anything and fight the urge to say “ahhhh…???.” Instead just pause for a few seconds until you can utter a complete thought or reply.

The purpose of which is to train you to communicate confidently and calmly. Even if it takes you 5 seconds to reply just put a little smirk, or chuckle a ltlle (if applicable) fight the inclination to please by means of obligating yourself to utter an immediate reply, resulting to brain farting all over the place. Just smirk, take a deep breath, focus and organize your thoughts then you say what is on your mind. You will not only avoid brain farts and looking more stupid than you actually are – you will also look more confident and attractive.

brain farting is a sign of fear and insecurity – the cause of stuttering is actually the anxiety that you will not be able to please the one you are speaking with and fear that you will lose the ongoing conversation.

Thus your insecure mind commands you to say “ahhh…???” only to get a hold of the conversation. But what I have learned is that extensive use of fillers would even greatly decrease the interest of the other party and will actually piss people off. Pausing for a few seconds will not cause you to lose the conversation – and like what we said above, it will even make you look confident.

fillers and brain farts

Pausing for a few seconds will make you seem less needy and will also put you in the frame of authority  in the conversation so you will often find yourself leading the trajectory as the conversation goes by. That is because you seem more confident and calm. This way the natives and the other hispanohablantes will also be more comfortable talking to you which off course leads to more exposure and more satisfying Spanish learning and immersion.

So from now on practice NOT replying immediately, take at least three seconds – literally count to three in your head before uttering a sound. This will accomplish two things:

1) Avoid looking stupid by using too much brain farts, therefore making your Spanish conversations more fun instead of stressful.


2) It will put you in a more authoritative frame and will make you more attractive.

Before you know it you will seem more confident to other people than what you really are and conversaion anxiety will be a thing of the past/ And off course this is not only applicable to Spanish conversations; you can apply this to your everyday conversations.

¡Que Dios te bendiga!

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