Lots of Spanish From Will Smith The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in Spanish

I love comedy. Comedy is perfect to watch since it easily gets your attention and cleanses you of boredom – and what better show can there be than the classic – The Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith. We have here a full downloadable of the episode wherein he entered a poetry club to hit on a girl – IN SPANISH. That means for a majority of you who have already watched all of the episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, – you will end up nodding all the way “awww,,, so that is how you say it in Spanish”. Download that episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Espanol from that link.

Here are some of my favorite lines from that episode which you can add to your ANKI database:

The first poem Will recited in this episode; “Clock”

Tic toc clock (tic toc clock)
el reloj tic teac por ti (the watch tic tacs for you)
porque la amor que dices dar (because if the love you say you’d give)
trae muchas horas de retraso (was too many hours late)
Baila el rock con el reloj (dance rock with the clock)
tira te al suelo (You strip to the ground)
porque cuando el tic se vuelva toc (because when the tic goes back to toc)
le daré una patada tu puerta (I’ll give a knock on your door)

Below is the full English version of “Clock” so that the above Spanish expressions would make sense to you:


Tick tock clock
The clock is ticking for you
Because the love you said you’d give
came up way past due
So dance to the clock rock
Stay on the floor
Because when the ticks turn to tocks
I’ll be knocking at your door

Here’s another one of my favorite scenes! Its the one where Will’s uncle threw Jazz out of the house and Will and the others clearly show demonstrated that this is just a rather usual scenario:

Tio: Jovencito, ¿como te fue hoy en colegio? (Kid, how was your day in College?)

Will: ¡Exelente! Uní al club de las poetas (It was excellent! I joined the poetry club)

Tio: Mi acuerdo cuando me interesé por la poesía. ¿quien es la chica? (I agree, oh when I became interested in poetry. Who is the girl?)

Jazz butts in: Estoy hambriento. ¿Cuando se come aqui? (Im hungry. When do you eat here?)

Tio: Aqui se come tarde pero tu NUNCA (Here we eat late but you NEVER)

Jazz: Se ve que tu comes a menudo (one can see that you eat often) laughing while pointing at Tio’s big belly Nice to know: belly:barriga

here’s an exact picture of what happened next:

jazz gets thrown out of the house fresh prince

later on:

Tia: hola, Will. ¿Y tu tio?

Will: Esta ocupado echando a jazz de casa

Tia: a, bueno (both act indifferently)


Another on of my favorites is when Will asked his aunt why do girls become interested in poetry which immediately follows the above scene where Jazz gets thrown out:

Will: Entiendo porque los chicos interesan las poesías para llegar pero ¿porque se interesan las chicas? (I understand that guys are interested in poetry because with it they can score (llagar also means “to arrive with” or to have something “algo” further with someone) but why are girls into poetry?)

Tia: Porque las chicas tienen cerebro (Because girls have brain)

And of course the epitome of this episode if Raphael de la ghetto’s “Amor”. Apparently when all things got out of hand Jazz claimed that he is indeed Rapahel dela ghetto using Will’s poem “Amor” but adding his special line at the end. And with this, he successfully got “llegar” with the girl.

Mi amor por ti es como un rio
(My love for you is like a river)
Como una brisa de verano
(is like a summer breeze)
que me da es calofríos
(That gives me shivers)

Una mirada tuya es mas valiosa que el orro
(One look from you is more precious than gold)
Presta me tres favor para chili con carne
(lend me three bucks for chilico carne)


prince of bel air jazz as raphael dela ghetto
unfortunately the original Jazz line is actually:
“Lets get some BBQ and get busy”
But presta me tres is a pretty good Spanish equivalent as well and is also funny nonetheless.
You cannot literally translate everything anyways which is what I always say and which is the truth.

So is it any surprise why he was answered by the girl like:

¡O Raphael, dame más marcha!

Oh Raphael, give me more(walks-literal)!

of course Jazz follows with:

¡Simpre funciona!

Always works!

So what is your favorite Fresh Prince episode? I know most of you could relate to this era. Again here’s the link where you can download this episode for free! Que Dios os bendiga.

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