Listening is Your Main Priority in Learning Spanish – NOT SPEAKING

If there is only one thing I can tell you that you need to remember in order to learn Spanish or any Language at all- it is to:

Learn to LISTEN first BEFORE speaking.


Listening equals INPUT and speaking equals PRODUCTION. Let us take a factory as an example here – how can a factory produce tons of products if it had no resources? The steps they take are the same right? They first gather resources (input) then they get into PRODUCTION. There is really no other way around.

listen first

Now that I told you about the factory; don’t you think it’s the same with language learning?  You are just like a factory – a factory of words and vocabulary. How do you expect yourself to produce anything when you clearly have no input AT ALL? And not just that; you know what happens to a factory owner if he goes into production phase without the resources first in place? Aside from not being able to produce anything profitable, he will end up paying and paying overhead fees for the production and sooner or later the corporation becomes bankrupt and dies. The same goes to you, my friend.

Obsessing over speaking without enough to input can lead into a disaster

¡no seas tan vivo!

– you will end up being frustrated and eventually get burned out and quit.  Remember that language learning is a not a “get rich quick” scheme. It involves a long road of immersion and Spanish (or any language you are learning) input acquisition. But the great news is that if you will use the correct and scientific method of language learning like watching Spanish movies or listening to conversations; you can be sure to learn a lot FASTER than a guy who only uses only textbooks and burns himself out in classes as a beginner.

You will find out that after 6 to 8 months of watching Spanish movies, reading interesting Spanish novels, listening to Spanish music of your own genre of preference – Spanish (or any language you want to learn) will begin to sound just like English.

So that is what you must do for now- just watch Spanish-dubbed English shows you’ve seen many times in the past and I am sure after a few months you will become a real “hispanohablante” just don’t force yourself out for now.

So what are you waiting for? Play those telenovelas now. If you are learning German then play German drama; if you are learning French, then French – just don’t stop until they make you cry.

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I go by the name of Magallanes in this blog. My mission here is to influence you folks in the most effective way to learn the Spanish language. Welcome to my fleet!