Learn Spanish from Strawberry Shortcake Spanish

Here you go; a complete episode – more than an hour, of Rosita Fresita; Strawberry Shortcake in Spanish.

Rosita Fresita is really a good series and the reason I downloaded it was because of my kid who really loves strawberry shortcake – sometimes we watch this together – and well she enjoys it even though its in another language; I think she is learning Spanish little by little.

So why are we bothering with cartoons? Like what I told you before, cartoons dubbed in Spanish are a great way to get some regular input. Besides the fact that you might already be familiar with the plot; the vocabulary used in cartoons is perfect for beginners and intermediate learners since your level of vocab is more or less like that of a child – and the target audience of cartoons is of course – a child. And another thing is that the flow of events is very easy to catch.

Here are some stuff from Rosita Fresita that you can add into your ANKI SRS

The opening song goes like this:

¡cielos! – Rosita Fresita’s favorite expression “Heavens!”

Here’s the pledge for being a mailman for Tutti Fruity:

aún con nieve, lluvia, calor, o noches muy tenebrosas

-Even with snow, rain, heat, or very dark nights

prometo hacer mi mejor esfuerza por entregar el correo a tiempo

-I promise to do my best efforts to deliver the mail on time.

Ahora eres una entregador oficial de servicio postal de Tutti Fruity

-You are now an official courier of the Postal Service of Tutti Fruity

note: Tutti Fruity is the name of their town.

by the way, prepare for the new GTA in Tutti Fruity! Shoot heads and  decapitate people in tutti fruity!

Strwaberry shortcake rosita fresita

And what do they say when someone sneezes? “¡salud!” – It’s like saying “God bless!” When someone coughs or sneezes.

And how do you ask for tea:

¿Solo me pregunta vas a podrias dar me una taza de té?

-The only question i have is that could you go give me a cup of tea?

Well guys, I hope you enjoy today’s Spanish TV special Rosita Fresita.

By the way let me ask you:

Can you remember your most favorite cartoon that you watched as a kid? Can you share them in the comments section for our readers? Would you like to see it in Spanish? If so then request for it below and I will do my best to look for that and post the Spanish version here as a downloadable Mp4 file or as a Vimeo vid. Que Dios les bendiga.

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