Learn Spanish From Spanish Jokes and Memes – feat.How to Create Peace on Earth

Is there anything better than learning Spanish from Spanish jokes? Nothing! Jokes and humor in your target language must comprise of at least 75% of the things you expose yourself to when learning another language. So below we have some troll face comic strips in Spanish:

Note: We have translated each of these in English below but before looking at the English translation try to translate it yourself by figuring out what it’s trying to say; you probably will since the mind loves mischievousness – that’s the same reason why you will learn more from these memes than from any textbook out there.

So how do you create eternal peace on Earth?

aliens for peace trollface spanish

Consige trabajar de astronomo – Get a job in Astronomy

Simula una señal alien falsa – Simulate a fake alien signal

Los humanos se unen y trabajan juntos – Humans unite and work together

Paz en la tierra para siempre – peace on Earth forever

How to fly:


Consigue un amigo y agarraos el una al otro – get a friend and you hold one another (agarra= hold; os = refers to “you” in plural form,)

Uno de vosotros levanta al otro – one of you raise the other one

Antes de caer, el que esta en el aire levanta al que esta en el suelo – Before falling, the one in the air must lift the one on the ground.

Repitiendo el proceso, aprendereis a volar – Repeating the process, you will learn how to fly

It really makes sense doesn’t it?! Why haven’t I thought of that before!? I’m gonna f###cking try that later!!

How to jump off a burning building on a chair without dying:

what to do when your building burns down spanish

Tu edificio está ardiendo – Your building (edifice) is burning

salta desde la ventana con una silla – Jump off from the window with a chair (as illustrated above)

espera a que la silla esté a punto de tocar el suelo – wait until the chair is about to touch the ground

Salta de la silla y estás a salvo! – Jump out of the chair and YOU ARE SAFE!!

People, please spread this message; studies show that everyday people are dying from not being able to jump off their buildings – that meme above can actually save millions of lives!!

So before we go I have a very serious question for all of you guys: Has anyone ever tried any one of those brilliant ideas illustrated above (before or after reading this post)? If so what was your experience (especially with #3)? Que Dios les bendiga (especially if you’re planning to try those at home!)

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