Learn Spanish and The Truth With La Verdad by Frank T

Today we have La Verdad By Frank T and Zenith, you can download La Verdad from this link. Listening to Spanish rap is a great way to learn Spanish since you will get accustomed to their rapid rate of speech. After being accustomed to Spanish rap – regular conversations will be sound like a turtle’s speech for you!

Frank T was born in Zaire and has been living in Spain since he was 2. You can find his biography here.

Frank T Skynet La verdad

Sonrian por favor- smile please

Frank T has great tracks which always tend to teach a lesson and embark upon philosophy and raps about the real “important things” in life. My personal favorite is this track, La Verdad or “The Truth”.

This track is where Frank and Zenith assay about the real essence of “truth” and why one needs to search for it and why we mustn’t be distracted of all the shallowness this society has to offer. I like this song – it’s so “Red pill” and could be hard to swallow for most people. Well knowing the truth – as always : It’s very hard to swallow.

So here’s the lyrics/letras of La Verdad – Translated from Spanish to English

(Frank T)

No es un quiero y no puedo, es un puedo y lo he hecho. It’s not something that I want but I can’t do; but it’s something that I can do and so I did.

Lo presento, represento, lo cuento con encanto I present it, represent it, and tell it with delight.

En el rap semi-canto, es cierto, En the rap that is half sung, yes it’s true.

Es para tanto, Como un angel o un santo, Is so, like an angel or a Saint

Iluminado en lo alto. Uno pisa el asfalto, estando humedo o seco, Illuminated on top. One treads on the asphalt, being humid or dry,

Y alli donde no hay hueco no se escuchan los ecos And there where there is no hollow they do not hear the echoes

Ni historias, ni fabulas, son chismes de brujas. Not histories, nor fables, they are witches gossip

Mirate en el espejo, y solo busca la verdad. Look in the mirror and just search for the truth

(Zenith) La verdad es que no se como empezar esta cancion. The truth is that I don’t know how to start in this song

(Frank T) La verdad Zenith, saca tu propia conclusion The truth Zenith, draw your own conclusion

(Zenith) La verdad no es absoluta, es conjunction de experiencias, pensamientos, esto es solo mi opinion.

The truth is not absolute; its a combination of experiences, thoughts,  but that is only my opinion

La verdad no es tener siempre la razon, The truth is one cannot always be right

La verdad no es llegar a las manos en cada discussion, The truth is not to blow with your fists in every debate

La verdad es conseguir una reaccion con una accion, The truth is getting a reaction/consequence with every action

La verdad es tener en la vida una mission, The truth is having a mission in life

La verdad es tener claras las ideas frente a confusion, The truth is having clear ideas despite the confussion

La verdad es subir escalon tras escalon, la verdad es corazon, The truth is to go step by step; the truth is the heart,

La verdad es distinguir el bien y el mal en cada decision. The truth is distinguishing good and bad in every decision

La verdad la sabe solo el que sabe pedir perdon The truth is the only one that knows that one knows to ask forgiveness

La verdad la sabe solo el que la sabe separar de la ficcion. Only in truth knows to distinguish fiction

¿La verdad existe? ¿Es una invencion? Is truth real or only a make believe?

Verdad o no verdad. Esa es la cuestion. Truth or not that is the question

¿La verdad la sabe Skynet, o Zenit, hombre don? Is the truth knowing Skynet or Zenith is the man?

¿Esta en tu Play Station o en television? Es it in your Playstation or in TV?

¿La verdad esta Euskadi, en Palestina, en los Balcanes,en Zaire, en Afganistan y en tu cabeza, su melon? The truth this in Euskadi, in Palestine, in the Balkans, in Zaire, in Afghanistan and in your head, its melon (brain)?

(Frank T) No es escondiste en el amario, buscaste en el diccionario, quien sabe? La tendran tal vez los peces de tu acuario. You did not hide it in your closet; you searched in your dictionary, who knows? The fish of your aquarium will have it perhaps?

En los barrios, cuidao que ya te enseñan los dientes, In the suburbs where you grown your fangs be carefull

en el subsuelo ya lo saben, solo hace falta que les muestres, in the subsoil they already know it, only it is necessary that you show them,

Una accion, una salida, una de estas que sea digna. An action, an exit(departure), one of these that is worthy

Sereis Buenos escuderos, mañana grandes caballeros. You will be Good squires, tomorrow great knights

Lucha si estas oprimido para encontrar la libertad, If you are oppressed struggle to find freedom,

Lucha si estas engañado para encontrar la verdad And if you are cheated; fight to find the truth

(Zenith) Lucha port tus ideales, insiste, se tenaz, lanzate sobre tu presa como un ave rapaz, Fight for your ideals, insist; be tenacious, lance your target like as a bird of prey.

Huye siempre del que te demuestre falsedad, combina en tu escalada sangre fria y terquedad. Always fleeing demonstrates that you are wrong; let stubbornness be a part of your cold blood

Ilumina todo el mundo con de luz un haz, Elimina hipocritas sobre de la tierra la faz, Illuminate the world with a beam of light; eliminate the hypocrites from the face of the Earth.

Consigue que se imponga sobre la guerra la paz, One get what he imposes, above the war is peace

Actua como quieras, pero busca la verdad Do what you wish – but find the truth

(Frank T) La verdad es que el nombre era muy propio, The truth is that the name was very proper

Desengaño, un buen baño de accion, desenfrenada y sin limites. Disappointment, a bath of action, unbridled and without limits.

Verdad son escondites para zombis en pecado, Truths are hiding places for zombies in sin

Forman parte de una estructura irracional en mal estado They are part of an irrational structure in poor condition

La verdad, a izquierda o derecha, en tension, The truth, to the left or the right, in tension,

Buscando el chino la inyeccion, poderse estar en evasion, Looking for Chinese injection, being able to be in evasion

La verdad esta al lado The truth is nearby

Hasta debajo de esos charcos de orina que desprenden ya ese familiar hedor. Even under these puddles of urine that emerge from this familiar stench

La verdad en disusion por la parcela, The truth in dissuasion by the plot,

Aquella esquina mejor puesta para hacer prostitucion, es otra muestra Another example is that corner, which is a great place for prostitution

A cuchillo dos mujeres de la vida en pleno duelo, Knife two women who are in a life in full mourning,

antes de que venga un poli una estara en el suelo. Before you go to the cop, one of those will be on the ground already.

Verdad del chuloputas cuando da su proteccion Truth of the Hustler when he gives his protection

Asi pegandose el piro, no me importa nadie estilo. So cementing the Piro, i don’t care about nobody’s style

Verdad, yo me lo curro para poder seguir vivo, The truth is that I brag about that so that I can survive

Asi afirman intervius, asi, de triste como un blues. That is how they affirm the interviews, well, sad as a blues.

La verdad es que es triste pero aun sigue habiendo espacio la verdad seria major, si esto lo hicieramos despacio. The truth is that it is sad but there is still a space (a place or a chance) truth would be important but it will take time

Tan solo es una parte de lo que puede ser verdad. It is only a part of what may be true

No es todo negatividad, It’s not all that bad

No pierdas la esperanza Don’t lose hope

(Zenith) Es tu unica esperanza, es tu unica oportunidad It’s your one and only hope, your one and only chance

Aprende a separar los sueños de la realidad. Learn to separate dreams from reality

Se capaz de hacer algo bueno por la sociedad, combina en tu escalada cantidad y calidad Be able to do something good for society; together as you climb in life put quantity and quality

Quitale el disfraz al que sufre enfermedad Take off the costume that suffers from the disease

De creerse majestad, sin ser nadie en tu ciudad Believing in majesty, being a no one in your city

Desenmascara al que esconde su cara tras un antifaz It unmasks the one that hides its face in a mask

Actua como quieras pero busca la verdad Do what you wish – but search for the truth

Great poetry indeed; you can put those into your ANKI by the way.

My favorite line is “Aprende a separar los sueños de la realidad.” Learn to tell the difference between dreams and reality. Can you share with our readers your favorite line?

Can you tell us your favorite Spanish rapper or group and why?

By the way are there any lines in this song that you would translate differently? Please tell them bellow in the comments section; I am not a native so my interpretations might be wrong. Que Dios les bendiga.

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