Induce LSS (Last Song Syndrome) For Effortless Spanish Learning

LSS or Last Song Syndrome is when a certain tune bogs your head over and over again and plays in autopilot. LSS infects you unconsciously so most of the time; you wouldn’t know when it will hit you. But one interesting thing about last song syndrome is that you can actually manipulate it to help you with your Spanish. I will discuss later in this article what I did to take advantage of inducing LSS to my Spanish learning. Take note that you can actually apply this into any language you are learning, not just Spanish.

You see – songs and tunes that give you last song syndrome have one thing in common:

They are designed to stick to your head and play itself over and over again, whether you like it or not.

The first thing that goes into my mind when talking about LSS are Politician Jingles – you know: from their caravans. They will play some songs that have their name on the lyrics and they are always catchy albeit being disgusting but like a bubble gum that you stepped on – they stick and they stick pretty tight. You may even find yourself chanting some politician’s jingle in your head out of the blue. You don’t love it but because the way these songs were made – your brain loves them nonetheless.

I remember one episode of the Regular Show about the “summertime song”. Apparently they were trying to fight some singing summertime catchy LSS inducing tune personified as a Cassette. That episode completely describes the horror of the LSS. But below I will tell you how I harnessed this incredible power of LSS and untapped incredible boundaries to my Spanish exposure.

summertime Last song syndrome

Un Show Mas: Mundo Loco – in Spanish

I am sure by now you have downloaded some of your favorite Spanish tunes into your mp3 or ipad (or walkman if your old school). If not visit these posts and download the songs there to get you started.

-The first thing you need to do is set as many of those songs into a playlist.

Remember: Songs – Spanish songs –not Rap or podcasts – since you will hardly have any LSS effect on Raps except for the chorus – which hardly contain vocab any ways. Podcasts are conversational and will not induce the same sticky LSS that we are looking for. Songs are great since the words and sentences are beautifully blended into the tunes.

-Then once you set up your Español playlist; put them in RANDOM mode, REPEAT ALL then play it continuously make it run for as long as possible. I would suggest you allot at least 2 or more hours of listening time. You can do this by plugging into your earphones and listening to your playlist while waiting in line, taking a dump, riding a vehicle, or simply continuously playing these in your home stereo set.

You will find that some of these songs will stick into your head and you’ll find yourself humming their Spanish lyrics out of nowhere. CONGRATULATIONS! You have just induced LSS! You might have noticed that you have just EFFORTLESSLY memorized several Spanish phrases this way. If not – then you will!! Now what are you waiting for? Go play your Spanish Playlist now!

Guys let me ask you: can you share with our readers how your Spanish playlist looks like? Que Dios os bendiga.

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