How to Watch Something Repeatedly WITHOUT getting Bored

Today we will discuss another Translate from Spanish to English SECRET technique of how to watch the same movie over and over again AND NOT GET BORED.

Yes we all know that watching the same episode of a Spanish movie, telenovela, cartoon, etc, is a great way to get great input and develop your vocabulary.

Basically the first time you watch an episode of a Spanish peli or telenovela; you will not understand everything that is said but as you watch the same episode over and over again- you will eventually understand more and more of the picture- leading to a large amount of input and vocabulary.

But the problem with this method is that it can be sooooo boooorrriinngggg! Think about it: No matter how good that program is- you will EVENTUALLY get tired of it.

Bored with Spanish TV

“d a m n cable! I’ve already seen that”

And we all know what is next to getting bored in language learning- the brain will not get to the “learning” part. Anything studied during the state of boredom will be for naught.  This is not to say that this may eventually lead to a burn out.

But still SOME do manage to watch the same stuff over and over. Granted! But you can only watch the same thing a couple of times before you get bored of it! But it is still true that the more you watch something; the more of it you will be able to absorb-until you get bored.

So this is where our TECHNIQUE comes into play. You will learn how to watch the same thing over and over again- reap its benefits but at the same time AVOID boredom that may naturally go with it.

What you will need to do is very simple- instead of watching a single episode of a Spanish show over and over again; watch 5 consecutive episodes of the show over and over again.

So for example you have been watching an episode of Maria Mercedes over and over again- let’s say capitulo primero (episode 1). For this technique- you must also get the episode 2, 3, 4, and 5- watch them in that order then back to the first episode.

So doing this- you will be taking advantage of the fact that your vocab will improve as you watch stuff over and over- but this time the effect of that will be twofold:

1- You will not get bored: 2 consecutive episodes might get you bored; same with 3 and 4. 6 is way too many you might as well watch the whole series and considering the fact that most telenovela episodes usually runs for up to an hour. So 5 episodes is the magic number.

Plus; by the 4th or 5th episode there is a huge chance that you might have forgotten what happened to the previous episodes already- so watching from capitulo primero after seeing capitulo quinto will almost feel like watching something new. How great is that huh?
2- You will vastly improve your vocabulary– one episode seen over and over will provide input already and visual cues- which when seen more than once will allow your mind to make unconscious calculations of the correlations of the words to the events- therefore increasing your vocabulary and making you more and more acquainted with the Spanish language without you even realizing it.

So imagine the input of 5 episodes seen repeatedly. The brain will get input from each episode which it will also use to figure out the ones it missed with the past episodes- that is called the “snow ball” effect. 

Besides the words your brain can also use the flow of events as a clue of what the actors are saying.  You may also get why some stuff happened on episode 1 when you seen 4 episodes more making you grasp the story better- which will also make your  Spanish better.

So there you go- and easy fix to avoid getting bored using the “watch the same thing over and over again” strategy for Spanish learning and input exposure. 

Just a reminder though; some of you might be thinking that this could work with watching 5 episodes of completely different shows consecutively.  Well yes that could help with the “avoiding boredom” part. But that is very not advisable since you will not be able to take advantage of the second set of benefits listed above namely the one where you can judge what is happening using the set of events as a clue. And you will just learn faster if you do this with the same show- since there is also an unconscious sense of accomplishment when your brain sees that you are moving forward onto something-even if that is just a measly show- making you not lose motivation.

So guys, please leave your corrections, suggestions, or comments below. Que Dios te bendiga.

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