How to Use a Spanish Textbook – FARM it

I have been dissing academic ways to learn Spanish. Indeed simply “learning” Spanish through classes and textbooks is not enough; you have to actually “live” it or consume only ORGANIC Spanish. But there is a way to use textbooks correctly and I am going to talk about that in today’s post.

This is called “farming”. The only way to make textbooks “organic” Spanish source is to FARM them, YEAH! Makes sense, ¿Verdad?

So how does FARMING work?

farm granja in spanish

Simple: You just focus on recording and encoding all sentence examples of your textbook onto your ANKI SRS. Don’t read the book seriously, just farm the sentence examples since most of the time sentence examples from books are well suited anyway for beginners and tend to be “structuralized” according to the lesson. If you don’t know what ANKI is then visit the link above on ANKI SRS.

Yes you can read the book but don’t spend serious amount of power reading it but focus on the example sentences. I believe I have also cited this fact before.

It should take you about a week to farm a whole textbook or a few hours if you are hardcore and you want to do it in one day! That is also a good choice if you just borrowed the book which is preferable than buying it. And after that you must focus on all your other organic Spanish exposure as usual and watch your Telenovelas and Spanish Cartoons.

So what textbooks have you read for Spanish? What can you say about textbooks? Please comment your answers below. Que Dios os bendiga.

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