How to Teach Spanish to Kids – Without Boring Them to Death

You can teach Spanish to your kid. It is going to be perfect especially if your child is below 6 years old. Like what I shared with you in the recent post my kid is currently having fun watching Spanish-dubbed cartoons with me especially Strawberry shortcake in Spanish.

Watching cartoons in Spanish is a good thing to make her ears more familiar to the Spanish dialect but since she is not really learning any basics at all she might not learn how to really “speak” Spanish. Like what I discussed before Spanish exposure is the most important thing however you need have a grasp of the “basic” principles first of sentence construction and a nice vocabulary.

teach spanish to your kid

So how do I go about making her familiar to Spanish except for making her watch Spanish cartoons? Since I cannot like give her a Spanish textbook or make her do any boring stuff – kids won’t like that. And talking to her with “purely” Spanish sentences doesn’t work as well she doesn’t have a grasp of the context. So what do I do?

First: I mix up Spanish in my dialogues like for example:

Vamos a comer, let’s eat!

¿Has comido ya? Have you eaten?

¿Que piensas? What are you thinking?

¿Que pasa hija? How are you doing? – And I say that whole thing so she automatically gets that “que pasa” means “What’s going on” or “who are you?”

Note: Use that Spanish term with the sentence every time so she will become more and more familiar with it.

Likewise I will also respond to her the same way.

Daughter:  Dad, how are you?

Me: bien hija. I’m good.

Second thing: Basic Conversations – I speak with my daughter from time to time with basic conversations in Spanish. For example – the “what is your name?” script, which she knows so well:

Me: Como te llamas?

Daugher:  Me llamo Martina! Y tu como te llamas?

(Conversation goes on)

The “Como Se llama” is what you must teach your kid first since they seem to love self introductions and the “Como Se llama” script is fun, it like a game and it’s very easy to grasp.

Do you teach your kid Spanish or any other language? How do you go about it? Please share it with us in the comments section! Que Dios os bendiga.

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