How to Count in Spanish

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important things that you can forget in learning a new language: Learning the proper way to count. And don’t worry we will only tackle the most basic things; so basic that you can basically figure the rest out.

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Count Draculla lets count

I used to have some arguments with my father regarding this when I was a kid. He would ask me to go buy something from the store and I would say pay “quinse” (in our local language of course) and I would ask what number is that. He would go on about how I needed to know those Spanish cardinal numbers at least since they are widely used; but the young me was just “too proud to learn another language”. Eventually I learned it off course without even trying and even wanting to try since I hear it every day.
So here it is the Spanish Cardinal numbers or how to count in Spanish.
Números Cardinales – Cardinal numbers- Counting in Spanish.

This is going to be easier if you are also listening to the podcast while reading these.
0- Cero (remember the “th” sound with Ce, Ci, and Z ok?)
1- Uno
2- Dos
3- Tres
4- Cuatro
5- Cinco
6- Seis
7- Siete
8- Ocho
9- Nueve
10- Diez
11- Once
12- Doce
13- Trece
14- Catorse
15- Quince
16- Dieciséis
17- Diecisiete
18- Dieciocho
19- Diecinueve/ diez y nuve- you might have noticed that the other diese(blank) like diecisiete only means like diez y siete or ten and seven therefore seventeen literally.
20- Veinte
21- Veintiuno/ veinte y uno- same thing, right?
22- Veintidós
30- treinta
31-treinta y uno
32- treinta y dos
40- cuarenta
50- cincuenta
60- sesenta
70- setenta – Now that is where I always got confused; sesenta and setenta. For one the two almost sound the same but just remember “sete” of setenta is for “siete” or 7 therefore if there is a “t” sound it must be seventy. It takes a little getting used to as well.
80- ochenta
90- noventa
100- cien
101- cineto uno
200- doscientos
300- trescientos
400- cuatrocientos
500- quinientos –remember that because you might be tempted to say: “Cincocientos” which is WRONG
600- seiscientos
700- setecientos
800- ochocientos
900- novecientos
1000- mil
2000- dos mil
2006- dos mil seis
3000- tres mil
6000- seis mil
9000- nueve mil
10000- diez mil
10300- diez mil trescientos
20000- veinte mil
50000- cincuenta mil
90000- noventa mil
1000000- un millón
¡Bueno! Vamos a hacer un ejercicio. Okay! Let’s do an exercise; Imitar el modelo proporcionado el número de los miembros de la familia y luego de la pandilla. 
Refer to the example below; state how many are you in your family and later state how many are you in your group of friends.
This is your model sentence:
Somos cinco en la familia. (There are five of us in the family.)
This is the second sentence about your group of friends:
En mi pandilla somos dos chicos y tres chicas. (In my circle of friends(or gang to be exact), we are two guys and 3 girls.)
We will leave you here with that exercise; en mi caso somos tres  en el familia; yo, mi esposa, y mi hija. In my case we are 3 in my family; Me, my spouse, and my kid. Stay tuned for more fun and effective Spanish lessons and podcasts. Que Dios te bendiga.

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