How to Be Good at Spanish Without Going to Spain

Today we are going to talk about how to effectively learn and study Spanish (or any language) without needing to go to another country.
Vamos a hablar sobre cómo efectivamente aprender y estudiar español (o en cualquier idioma) sin necesidad de ir a otro país.


I cannot lie to you though; going to another country REALLY is the REAL DEAL! Imagine having no choice but to learn to speak with natives especially on places that are not so big on learning English? Imagine being able to speak Spanish without other people finding you weird or overrated? Imagine a place where you can learn the target language effectively (if you want to).
It is obvious that I am not at all against visiting another country where the mother tongue is your target language; but my point here is this: IT IS NOT NECESSARY!
Yep, aint no easier and better way than learning Spanish from Spain or Argentina or Colombia or Cuba while puffing your first class cigar but if you can’t afford it now- it is not an excuse to postpone your language learning because REALLY you can start learning even without going anywhere.
Let me give you some simple and easy to remember tips on how to learn Spanish even without going anywhere to do it:
1) Listen listen listen! Download podcasts and Spanish music then listen to it as often as you can!
2) Listen to Spanish music on your way to work: Related to point number 1; most of you would be employed I assume; therefore rather than complain and suffer in the midst of everyday traffic, might as well use that time learning Spanish. You will be surprised how much time you are actually wasting in traffic which can be utilized to learning Spanish. HECK you can even just listen to Spanish while on traffic and that alone can get you A LOT if results! Considering the amount of traffic jams the west has to offer.
BTW traffic jams in Spanish is “atasco”. ¡Me odio el atasco! –I hate traffic jams! To be honest I learned almost half of my Spanish vocabulary on the road!
3) Choose what accent do you want and watch “Telenovelas” from that locality. If you want the kick-ass Spaniard accent, then watch movies and series aired in Spain; if for example you are learning Spanish for your job or business venture which would require you to communicate with the Columbian Mafia; then you would want to watch some stuff from Columbia and get used to their “J” sounding “LL”.
4) If you are in America; you would be in luck. There could be so many Hispanics around you; you just have to look for them. Make friends with some Hispanic dude or better yet: DATE A LATINA GIRL! Just be patient if he/she makes fun of your Spanish; just make fun of their English to get even.
5) Talk to yourself in Spanish. I am damn Serious! One time I was like: ¿Donde esta Juan? Quizas que esta en el banyo, no se; pero mas o menos no puedo hacerlo sin Juan.. Bueno ¿Que voy a hacer ahora? ¡Que Cabron!

See I try to use all of the opportunities I can. It can be a worthwhile practice on the long run; sometimes I even find myself cursing in Spanish once in a while. You see it’s good since less people would become offended even after I vent out!
Bueno. . ¿Algo mas? Anything else?

6) Of course you need to slowly but surely build up your ANKI deck. You can get the sentences from your favorite grammar books without even minding the actual lessons at first just scan through them but don’t miss the sentences. You will learn from them big time!
So you see; you can become good at Spanish even without stepping foot at Spain itself.
But I urge you to at least make it a goal to go to your target country at least once. There is no other place where you can truly enjoy that newly learned language than in its motherland itself.
Perhaps once you learned Spanish and it successfully helped you with your goal whatever it is; consider travelling to a Spanish speaking country. And I do hope that your goal in learning another language has something to do with attaining financial freedom- because it would be cool if my website could be a part of that; it’s like I helped you unchain your metal balls.
So best of luck and stick around for more great Spanish articles! Feel free to leave your reactions and points of view in the comments section. Que Dios te bendiga.

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