How to Ask a Girl to Dinner in Spanish

Do you want to ask somebody out for a date in Spanish? If so you are on the right place!

First of all if you try to search for how to do this, you might end up in some of the popular forums. They will tell you to do this like such:
“puedes salir conmigo.” Or to flatter her with some “tienes ojos más bonitos de mundo”
The first one means “Will you go out with me?”
A beggar, would someone like to go out with a needy guy? Now let’s see the second one:
“You have the most beautiful eyes in the world.”
This will work if you are already dating the girl but have you tried going out and telling these to women? Unless you are very rich or good looking, you are so sure to waste your time.

Maybe you will get a few laughs from her and her mother friends, but a date? ¡NUNCA y NADA!


So if you are expecting me to throw you those lines in this post, then you will be disappointed. I don’t want you to waste your time on stuff that wouldn’t and DON’T work.

But I want to make it clear now: I AM NOT an actual expert on this, BUT unlike the most – my eyes are open to the truths regarding the female psyche, yeah and it ain’t all sugar and spice and everything nice.

Women are basically like Rubi!

To be clear since we are talking about getting off “llegar con una chica” note: llegar means “to arrive” so to the Spaniards, to llegar means “to arrive” at something with someone – whatever closing you can achieve that is.

And the only way that you can “llegar” is if you actually know what you are doing (or if you are a natural asshole to begin with); so before you act on “asking someone out” at least take a look and study first the REAL dating dynamics with the expert, Roissy.

Another thing before is that you need to learn how to “actually ask someone out”, duh; since you cannot just go around the town complimenting their eyes. The best reaction you will get is “que mono” “how cute” and not “how cute” in a “hot” way but in a puppy dog way, in a “let’s just be friends FOREVER” way, and in a “he’s not getting into my pants, because I cannot recognize him as a man who” way.

Basically if you want to be thought of and treated as a “guy” and have your needs as a “guy” fulfilled, you will need to act like one.

If you want to at least “llegar” or get a date “salir con una chica” – you need to make her think on her heart that “este chico tenga cojoñes, ummm…me gusta” . Now that’s a good sign, right?

Basically the world that we live in has RAISED us to believe all the WRONG things about dating and women

Basically the world that we live in has RAISED us to believe all the WRONG things about women and dating; the world that you live in have raised you to have “no cojones”, that is reality. The world does not want you to succeed with women; it wants you to believe in all the wrong things so that you will grow up to be a good slave who only knows how to follow the rules instead of you making them.

And I can’t blame them; it’s easier for them for you to be like that. I would also have loved it if the men around me were all inept, then I would have had all the women by myself. Not to mention inept people are also inept on money making, so that means I can get richer if there are more inept men who are only willing to follow my orders instead of take any action. But that would be against my kind nature. Are you following me ¿me entiendes?

Now let us forget about the pick lines for now (I am going to cite some good lines later in this post):

First I will let you into something that you can ACTUALLY USE and can help you transform into a man of action.

If you can study this material I can guarantee that you can not only “score a date” with a Latina chica; but you can actually change your life and be able to:

Become more confident of yourself as a man

Be able to approach any woman of any race, and basically


But first bear in mind: THIS thing is not for everybody. This may not even be for you.

You see; if you are the type of person who only never commits to ANYTHING to better himself: then get back to watching porn and forget about this:


Or if you are a “shy” type who has ZERO social life; this will definitely EXCEED your expectations. Just a warning:

You MAY be surprised with the results. So here it is; for those who want to change their lives, here’s the best stuff out there, selected from the few: It’s the renowned PUA, Nick Savoy’s MAGIC BULLETS.

If you care about your dating life and you really want to “score a date” and beyond; you can either:

1) Follow the way the world wants you to be and become RULED and INEPT forever.


2) MAKE THE RULES and know your way around LOVE and know the things you need to do to have success with women.


So if you are ready I am going to shoot you now with SOME MAGIC BULLETS.
Start your journey here:

magic bullets

And by the way this Guy, Savoy the proponent of this system wants to let you in to this system RISK FREE! Basically if you are not satisfied with the results, you can just get the refund, (and keep all of the things you learned, off course) and you can just spend the money instead on your PORN subscription.

So you can either stay with your PORN SUBSCRIPTION your whole life, pay for someone to be with you every time you itch , and

DREAM ON HOW TO HAVE A DATE WITH LATINAS – Do some searches and arrive at some popular BS that clearly will not work or you can:

TAKE THE FIRST STEP TO CHANGE, and DECIDE to take a LEAP OF FAITH right now, it’s not for me, I’ve taken it already. How about you?

Now don’t let’s examine some stuff that you can say in Spanish that goes around how Magic Bullets would basically GAME in Spanish!

First off you have an advantage already. Your approaches would be more welcome than that of their fellow natives, since basically it’s like you are a foreigner, and they will be more lax on their guard.

Just a general guideline, no matter if you are already very fluent or not, just act confident- it’s not on what you say basically it’s how you say it. And even if your Spanish sucks but you’re acting in a “cocky funny” way, you are well on your way.

An opener example translated from Spanish:
Note: remember to talk to her with half of your body facing away from her and basically looking at her over your shoulders, signifying that you are actually in a hurry reducing the look of neediness.

pick up

-disculpe, por favor. Solo tengo un poco tiempo, voy a mi cita pero necesito la opinión de una muchacha. (excuse me, I only have a couple of minutes I am on my way for an appointment but I need a girls opinion)
(she agrees)
Bueno, voy a una convención comercial entoces tengo que comprar la nueva ropa (I am going on a business convention so I need to buy some new clothes).
Asi que, quien mas mejor que me encarga mis ropas: ¿con una hombre gay, con mi novia, o con mi hombre amigo?
(So who do you think is the better person to choose my clothes: a gay man, my girlfriend, or my guy friend?)

After that you can insert some negs , but that would be more situational. And you can get more of that when you got shot by the bullet.

Basically you can arrive at a number close at least:

Bueno, estoy sorprendido; parece que eres muy interesante, tal vez (I am surprised, it seems like your quite interesting)

Es que, tengo que ir a mi cita, bueno da me su numero aqui –handing her your cel.

(oh so I need to be going to my appointment, give me your number here)

Make sure you deliver this like this is no big deal- like this is what you normally do when you meet someone.

You can either set the appointment up by phone or while your with her, don’t ever ask her for the appointment; tell her when you will be available and it’s up to her if she will come, you will be having fun with her or not.

So there you go guys: that is how you get a girl and a date in ANY language. Basically you can help yourself with some Magic bullets.

So let me ask you for the sake of this discussion; can you share how did you “llegar” with your special someone on the comments section? Que Dios le bendiga.

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