Have you Visited the Dead – Spanish Tradition in Todos Los Santos

¿Has visitado a tus difuntos? Means “Have you visited your departed ones?” and Halloween is called “Todos los Santos” which means “All Saints day”; the day of the dead.

In Spain instead of spending the Halloween in crazy batman suits like in the west, this day is indeed “sacred” as it is spent remembering the departed and visiting the cemeteries. On my end it is the same since we were one big colony of the Spaniards some centuries ago.

Incidentally, if you’ve noticed that there are lots more cemeteries in Spain than in your home country, that’s because Catholics don’t go in for cremation. Everyone is buried, and the cemeteries are well tended.

It’s customary to take ‘offrendas,’ or offerings of flowers, to the cemetery. Todos Santos is the busiest day of the year for Spanish florists. However, unlike in England on Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday, you won’t see the price of flowers shoot southwards.

Meditating upon death is healthy as it also meditates upon life and how beautiful it is to live and reminds us that we will all die eventually. Therefore we value the life that we posses.

el dia de todos los santos all saints day

You see, in learning another language, it is not enough to know the words –one must also “immerse” himself onto the culture otherwise the language may not be effectively acquired.

Keep in mind that learning another language does not exactly mean “Acquiring” another language and here in Translate from Spanish to English, our goal is to ACQUIRE Spanish and not to merely “learn” it or memorize a few phrases or words (which is what most universities would have you doing).

Also remember that language in its own is a “culture” and is the manifestation of that culture. The culture is the soul of that language so if you are not sure if you can love the culture behind the language you want to acquire, better consider not wasting your time studying that language.

So let me ask you once more/ voy a  preguntarte otra vez:

¿Todavia has visitado a tus difuntos?

¡Un apacible día de todos los santos y que Dios le bendiga!

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