GASOLINA by Daddy Yankee- Translate from Spanish to English

Today we have another native resource for you: it’s the video of the Spanish hit; GASOLINA by Daddy Yankee even translated from Spanish to English for free.

It’s fun learning Spanish! You can just OR you really NEED to watch and listen to native entertainment- keep yourself entertained.  In this case we shall entertain ourselves with a video of Gasolina, the original video. Watch it below and then I provided a translation of the lyrics:

That is how we learn: having fun. I can’t stress that enough.

So going back, I think you’ve heard that I don’t have much of a thing for hip hop. But it is a fact that Spanish rap can help you get used to the rapid manner that Spanish is spoken by natives.

And quite frankly I must say that I am beginning to appreciate some Spanish rap. I go back to the days when I was really crazy about Eminem (still like the way he raps until now).  And to be honest I never knew that Gasolina was Daddy Yankee’s. I only recently learned about DY a while back when I went looking for Spanish Raps.


I enjoyed Daddy Yankee’s songs; namely Somos de Calle (were from the street) and Yo nunca Me Quedo Atras (I never back down).

But I never knew Gasolina was Daddy Yankee’s. I even used to hate how that song was so popular; I hate pop!  We were pure breed METAL HEADS! And I never knew or noticed that Gasolina was Spanish.

I guess I will be eating up what I said almost a decade ago that this song sucks! Well frankly because now I couldn’t care less about “sense” or “lyrical depth” (Heck! Gasolina is all about women and CARS! Nothing more nothing less!) Now the only important thing for me is being ENTERTAINED – to keep the brain learning and absorbing input.

And well; what can I say- THE BRAIN LOVES GASOLINA! – El cerebro le encanta LA GASOLINA!
And that is why it was so popular.
So here’s the Lyrics from Spanish to English:

sumale mambo pa’ que mis gatas prendan los motores x3 – Add mambo homie (Pa – ghetto word: hommie),so that my babes (Gatas- is the feminine GATO- cat, hispanics refer to their women like cats, its ghetto) turn on the engines.

Que se preparen que lo que viene es pa que le den, Duro! (literal: what they will prepare for is what is going to arrive is what will be given to them ) but what it actually means like the Spanish equivalent for:  They won’t even know what’s coming to them (so that is what they have to prepare for). HARD! (duro- hard) remember: durable?



Mamita yo se que tu no te me va quitar(duro!) – Honey, I know that you will not go and leave me (me va quitar –like remove me literally)
Lo que me gusta es que tu te dejas llevar (duro!!) -What I like is that you allow yourself to go (to be taken away- what it means)

todo los weekends ella sale a vacilar (duro!!) – Every weekend she goes out to have fun
mi gata no para de janguear porque – My babe doesn’t stop hanging out, because. Note: janguear is a puerta rican term for “hanging out”.
A ella le gusta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina!) – She likes gasoline (Give me more gasoline)

Como le encanta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina) – how she loves gasoline (give me more gasoline)



Ella prende las turbinas, -She turns on the turbines note: literally prende is “to captivate”

No discrimina,  – no discriminations (she will turn it on whichever it is)

No se pierde ni un party de marquesina – She misses no fancy party

Se acicala hasta pa’ la esquina,  – Always dresses up  even if she’s only going to the next street.
note: Pa’ is also a shortcut for “para” as in this case. (literal: always dresses up herself even for the corner)
Luce tan bien que hasta la sombra le combina, – She looks so good that even the shadow fits her.
Note: combina is combine- also an expressions for looking good on something that you wear: in t his case her shadow.
Asesina, me domina,   – she’s a killer, she dominates me

janguea en carro, motoras y limosina –she hangs out in cars, motorbikes and limos

Llena su tanque de adrenalina, – Fills up her tank with adrenaline

Cuando escucha el reggaeton en la bocina. – when she listens to the reggaeton (spanish rap) in the speaker


(yo!)Aqui yo soy de los mejores  – here, I am one of the best

No te me ajores – Don’t hurry/ Don’t rush it (like saying: don’t get ahead of yourself just yet) – it’s not found in any translator its colloquial.

En la pista nos llaman “Los Matadores” – in the dance floor (pista- fiest) they call us the “killers”.
Tu haces que cualquiera se enamore  – You make anyone fall in love
Cuando bailas al ritmo de los tambores – When you’re dancing to the beat of the drums

esto va pa’las gatas de to’colores – This goes for the babes of all colors
Para la mayores, pa’ la menores – For the old and for the young

Para las que son mas zorras que los cazadores – for those who are more of a foxen than hunters
Note: female fox: zorras, refers to females and is the Spanish equivalent of the English “b¡tch”.
Pa’ la mujeres que no apagan su motores – for the women who don’t turn off their engines
Tenemos tu y yo algo pendiente, – we; you and I have may have something going on between us, we may be on to something here
Note: pendiente means pending.

Tu me debes algo y lo sabes, – You owe me something and you know it

Conmigo ella se pierde, – with me she loses herself

No le rinde cuentas a nadie – She gives accounts to no one

sumale el mambo pa’ que mis gatas prendan los motores, x3

Que se preparen que lo que viene es pa que le den, Duro!
Repeat verse1 then chorus
There you have it! You might have noticed that he drops the “s” sound often except when the word starts with an “s” or if the “s” is followed by A, E, I, O, or U. That is just how Puerto Ricans speak, he’s Puerto Rican so I bet he’d speak with that kind of accent.
I hope you enjoyed this one! By the way if you visit this link in 4shared; you can just download downlaod Gasolina there so you can save it in your device. Please leave comments if this resource has been helpful with your spanish. Que Dios te bendiga

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