Eat more ORGANIC Spanish – The Difference Between Language Acquisition and Language Learning

We will clear the confusion today with regards to language acquisition versus language learning.

The two things seem to be very similar to the naked eye but they are in reality as similar as a boar and a bird. But different as they may be the two serve a similar end but only different means.

This site and its methods mostly support the wide use of inculcating Spanish thru “acquisition” which is thru Spanish TV, Jokes, listening to Spanish songs, reading Spanish stuff, and basically eating a diet rich in “organic” Spanish.

Easy and organic Spanish acquisition

Take easy and organic SPANISH resources that is good for the health and easy to digest!!!

Now what is the difference of “Learning”?

Language learning is learning Spanish thru “conscious” efforts. We do have here some discussions and podcasts about learning basic Spanish grammar. Learning grammar is included in this “conscious” language learning category.

Language learning thru studying is good. But conscious studying is your “Fast-food” and starchy carbs. They are great for filling your hunger but you can’t take too much or you will bloat – or you might even vomit. While organic goods can basically be consumed at greater amounts without inducing too much gas for example – eating hefty amounts of veggies will not lead to the same discomfort as eating a lot of bread.

But fortunately one’s diet must include a variety of foods. Therefore one also cannot go without conscious studying as a part of his regimen and overall Spanish-life.

That is why I make it a point to adding a podcast version of a grammar post – so that grammar would go thru as effortless as possible since that is how you need to learn a language as “effortless” as you can.

So your dietician’s RX: Plenty of “organic” Spanish – whole grain Spanish TV, some Spanish musical herbs, and some comedic dark green jokes in Spanish! Oh Yeah! Que Dios Les bendiga.

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I go by the name of Magallanes in this blog. My mission here is to influence you folks in the most effective way to learn the Spanish language. Welcome to my fleet!