Dealing With Spanish Burnout EASY TIPS

One cannot deny; there will be times when you will get burned out. There will be times when you just wont feel like grabbing your earphones and listen to your Spanish stuff.

burnout from Spanish

“Doc I’m like. . SOooo,,, burned out!”

¡Pero no temas! But don’t be afraid/ Don’t fret! We have some easy tips on how to deal with this normal stage ond get back on track once more.

Bueno; ¡VAMOS!

PRIMERA: analyze WHY you are getting burned out; more often than not it’s likely the result of getting to “grammarY”  or studying textbooks too much; STOP!

Remember our immersion principle? Just do fun things in Spanish; that is the number one Translate from Spanish to English principle. Watch Telenovelas, Series translated from English to Spanish and even movies (They have Hancock in Spanish). Listen to Spanish music, podcasts with Spanish conversations, and just about anything.

Instead of getting to particular with grammar, just copy the example sentences from those textbooks and put them into your ANKI SRS; your brain will automatically grasp the grammatical stuff by seeing the sentences everyday!

SEGUNDA: Listen to Spanish music in the genre that you love. I tried to listen to Spanish rap- they were great and they make your ears more sensitive to the language since these guys can rap up to 600miles per hour.

But since I never really had that strong connection when it comes to rap- I ended up being burned out a little, like I didn’t even want to touch my MP3 again.

So what remedied it? I listened to Spanish ROCK and I’m ALIVE again baby!

TRECERA: Listen or watch Japanese or any language you don’t understand at all.
Note: don’t try to apprehend, just watch and listen to that for a while. The whole purpose of that is to lighten up and realize your blessings and progress on your Spanish department. I thank Katzumoto for that by the way.

If you are going to watch Japanese or do that advice above – remove the subtitles. Having English subs will defeat its purpose.

QUARTA: watch movies that have simpler Spanish vocabulary– probably you were getting too overwhelmed by the high level vocab they use; take it slow. I recommend you watch Dora Exploradora or the Extr@.

Same goes with books – burns one out even more. Read easier books first. If you have only been learning Spanish for less than a year or six months- there is no reason for you to read books like the ones written by Cervantes. Read Children’s bedtime stories first and fairy tales written in Spanish. You won’t see a one year old kid reading Monte Cristo would you?

QUINTA: Get some better HEADSETS or earphones. That one’s for me. You see, majority of my Spanish world are inside my phone; it makes it easier for me to get Spanish input even while on the road. But lately my headphones are getting cranky, and the volume just got reduced by like 70% which sucks!

So with that I miss around 50% of my Spanish exposure that come from my Mp3s and Podcasts. So I need to buy new goddamn earphones; solved!

SEXTA: There is nothing more relaxing than watching your favorite DVDs once in a while in a TV set. Therefore get DVDs of Spanish programs and movies or if you can’t get some; then download them online and burn them in your CDs then watch the at home. Relaxing and slacking off has never been more educational indeed! That’s what I love in learning Spanish!
Please leave your reactions and comments bellow. Que Dios te bendiga.

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