Common Foreign Language Mistakes – Misconceptions About Spanish

So what are some of the most common misconceptions about learning Spanish? We will focus on answering that question in this article; bueno, ¡vamos a empezear!

PRIMERA: Learning Spanish is HARD

I tell you – IT’S THE EXACT OPPOSITE of hard! If there is a fitting description to learning Spanish (or any language) that would be “challenging”; not hard and boring; in fact if you are finding what you’re doing too hard – you are doing it wrong, BUT if you are enjoying, then you area on the right track!

SEGUNDA: Learning Spanish is just like learning a book

That couldn’t be more WRONG! Learning a language is not just like learning a book or a scientific, or a mathematical equation. It’s not “memorizing” principles and “rules” and words then you’ll be good to go.

learning spanish like learning a book

The above method might only be good for school topics that you will only remember right until the end of the exam. Learning language properly is equal to learning how to ride a bike not learning how to MAKE a bike – keep that in mind.

If you feel like you are learning to make the “bike” instead of “riding” it, you are not making any progress. On the other hand if you can learn Spanish like a skill thru fun and exposure (in majority) then you will not only remember the principles up until a set “exam date” instead “Spanish” will stay with you in your “heart” till your last breath (and maybe beyond).

TRECERA: You need to be rich to learn Spanish

The whole world is trying to condition you into buying these GOLD-rated courses, these excursions, and other stuff. They are conditioning you to become a consumer of things that you really don’t need in order to learn another language and off course will not remind you off the fact that you never needed those “premium” sh¡t in the first place when you learned your mother language. Well it just goes like this – would I tell you that buying gadgets and Ipads is an idiotic idea if I make a living selling Ipads – and they sell like pancakes? Probablamente ¡NUNCA!

QUARTA: You will never master any language as good as you did when you were a kid

This is half ignorance and other half related to trecera cosa above. The world doesn’t know but the reason that you learned your mother tongue very well was not because there was something special with your brain as an infant – but because there was something special with your SITUATION as an infant or a child.

As your first language you didn’t treat words like they require translations word per word- you learned it by exactly “feeling” what they meant. Your mother language was also learned through constant input and exposure in other words – you’ve learned it “naturally” and is probably the only language majority of people will ever learn “naturally”, well that is before reading Translate from Spanish to English that is.

Yes there is an advantage to the situation you were in as a child learning your first language and that same LEVEL of advantage may be near impossible to replicate with your second or third language you want to learn as an adult – but the good news is that SCENARIO can be reproduced even today albeit at a lower level but nonetheless will make you learn Spanish ten times more efficiently and painlessly as a principiante burning his ass and his soul off in classes instead of trying the input and TV method first.

QUINTA: Failure is BAD

We always mention failure to learn language here as something to avoid – but this thing is different. I am not telling you that failure must be your goal (failure in language learning is a long term goal failure and is expensive); but what we meant is to not be afraid to “SUCK” as a beginner.

Why don’t you try this: get drunk first, preferably with some Spanish natives- you will notice that you are more comfortable speaking with them drunk and you are actually better off than when you were sober. That is because alcohol has eliminated your inhibitions and unnecessary anxiety to SUCK!

Remove your anxiety to suck – accept that you will suck. Don’t you make mistakes with English? To think about it I figure that almost half of what we say in our native language are not “so, so” grammatically correct. But anyways we are just comfortable using it nonetheless and we don’t care if they are wrong. And isn’t it that if even a Japanese speaks English you would still understand him well even if he sounds different? The Spaniards are the same – however you bend their native lengua – they will catch up and why not? It’s their native tongue and they know it more than they know themselves so don’t be afraid to SUCK! You will get better anyways so why worry.

So those were five things- they don’t cover all the things but they certainly cover the five most common and VITAL misconceptions when it comes to learning a language. And since you are here and we know that fact, could you please share some of the stuff that we have missed in the comments section? According to your experience what are the things that someone needs to remember when learning a new language? ¡Que Dios les bendiga, AMIGOS!

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I go by the name of Magallanes in this blog. My mission here is to influence you folks in the most effective way to learn the Spanish language. Welcome to my fleet!