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Welcome to Translate fro Spanish to English where we learn Spanish the fun and easy ORGANIC way that is good for the brain! Right here you will learn where to start in this site.

Just to remind you right here there is no strict SET if you must do this “FIRST and then THAT and there is NO other way!!!” since we are trying to ABSORB Spanish the most fluid way as possible.

But here are some important parts of where can you begin and some parts later where I put additional “organic” Spanish resources which you can use to fully expose yourself in Spanish. You will also find some rare downloadable Spanish-dubbed movies.

First off here is where you will see our introductory post of the Best way to learn Spanish

Vocabulary the non-stressful way with ANKI; learn from that post where to download that free software and how to install and use it

This part is where you can download Spanish movies and movies dubbed in Spanish which are perfect for language learners

This part is where you can get the basic Spanish grammar together with free podcasts

Here is where you learn from Spanish from Spanish songs, watch and/or download these songs and read the lyrics and take advantage of the new vocabulary.

Here is where you can get some ORGANIC Spanish from Spanish TV and learn more about how to take advantage of it.

We have here some collection of Spanish jokes and Spanish Idioms or sayings respectively.

And on this part is where you can see the collection of posts about the principles of Spanish learning and acquisition – which in my opinion is the most important thing of all.

And here are all the posts that contain videos that are helpful in your quest for Spanish.

And you must read these posts for some situational Spanish phrases that you can learn and add those into your ANKI.

And you can contact me thru CONTACTA ME for more suggestions and questions. And your comments are the most important thing of all because from there we can learn your feedbacks so please fill in the comments section after each posts. Thanks! Que Dios os bendiga. God bless you all.

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