Conversations with Señor and CABRONCITO

I do apologize about the lag on posting. I do admit that I have been a little under the weather “Spanish-wise” since my phone (which I used to watch Spanish…

fillers and brain farts

No Brain Farts (Fillers) – Just Shut up and Pause for a Few Seconds

Bueno ahhhhhh, . . . .. . si pero ahmmmm. . . el gente esta alaaaaa. . . . . Goodness gracious have you ever experienced that? Why off course!…

spanish conversation

Translate From Spanish ¿Como Estas? – Dialogue Javier and Cielo

Today we have a very short dialogue I learned a long time ago from a book called “Abreganas”. Like what I told you before I farmed textbooks for sentences and…

el dia de todos los santos all saints day

Have you Visited the Dead – Spanish Tradition in Todos Los Santos

¿Has visitado a tus difuntos? Means “Have you visited your departed ones?” and Halloween is called “Todos los Santos” which means “All Saints day”; the day of the dead. In…

teach spanish to your kid

How to Teach Spanish to Kids – Without Boring Them to Death

You can teach Spanish to your kid. It is going to be perfect especially if your child is below 6 years old. Like what I shared with you in the…

farm granja in spanish

How to Use a Spanish Textbook – FARM it

I have been dissing academic ways to learn Spanish. Indeed simply “learning” Spanish through classes and textbooks is not enough; you have to actually “live” it or consume only ORGANIC…

english even in China

Should You Worry About LOSING Your English, I don’t Think So

So how is your Spanish exposure going? Is everything going well or perhaps like some people you are worrying that your might “lose your English”. So is it possible to…

summertime Last song syndrome

Induce LSS (Last Song Syndrome) For Effortless Spanish Learning

LSS or Last Song Syndrome is when a certain tune bogs your head over and over again and plays in autopilot. LSS infects you unconsciously so most of the time;…

prince of bel air jazz as raphael dela ghetto

Lots of Spanish From Will Smith The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in Spanish

I love comedy. Comedy is perfect to watch since it easily gets your attention and cleanses you of boredom – and what better show can there be than the classic…


La Descarada – Reyli Barba From Spanish to English

We have here translation of La Descarada from Spanish to English and a free download of the song – just visit this link. Here’s a photo of Reyli Barba: I…

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